A few years ago I read a story in a book about what would happen if we were all millionaires and as a result, I learned that it impossible for it to happen, but if it were possible then we would face a serious problem because no person would be willing to work and produce the necessary elements to maintain the economic, cultural, physical and intellectual developments that make us a society. Therefore, we would begin to experience a shortage of all the basic products necessary to survive. As well as the physical and intellectual development of newer generations because we would all try to enjoy the benefits of being millionaires, acquiring larger houses, buying and consuming everything we want, traveling to different parts of the world without striving to be productive.

But since almost all the available resources have a limited life span, sooner or later we would realize that despite being millionaires, we cannot neglect our familiar, educational, or socioeconomic responsibilities. Then we would end up working to keep the world spinning within the normal development and production parameters necessary to stay alive. But being millionaires, we would work reluctantly, without enjoying what we would be obliged to do because of the need to stay alive.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has placed us in a position similar to the golden dream of every “NEW MILLIONAIRE”. Meaning, we do not have to work. We do not have to produce. We do not have to serve other people. We do not have to leave our home if we do not want to. So, we can spend the whole day resting, playing, eating, watching television, listening to music. We can organize and celebrate all the important dates in our life and party every day from dawn to dusk.

Yes, theoretically now many people are living a life of millionaires “WITHOUT MONEY” … They are practically living a life where legend has become a reality for each one of us. Since we do not have to work and can go to bed or get up whenever we want. However, not everyone is happy because they still yearn for what they don’t have, “MONEY.”

Hypothetically, since we are all millionaires, the money would come to occupy their respective place within wallets, banks, ATM, or safety deposit boxes. It would circulate from hand to hand when buying constant products and services that could satisfy all human desire. And it would stop being a longing or an aspiration. Since we would all have money in abundance, although with the passage of time we would no longer be able to buy these products and services, as global production would reasonably stop when nobody has a need to work.

Living in our current situation that, if it “IS REAL” sooner or later, we will experience a shortage of all the products and services necessary to maintain a normal life. So, sooner or later we will face the reality that it doesn’t matter if we are millionaires or not. Because to overcome our current situation we must change our way of thinking and working; optimizing the available resources to generate wealth, familiar and social well-being.

Money is a means used to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. Money has printed value that does not express emotion; existing only a means created to make life easier in society. Of course, money helps us in many ways and if we have it to some extent it will help us experience a greater degree of personal satisfaction since we will be able to cover all the economic needs that can affect our families and the social relationships of all the people who consider money a fundamental part of their lifestyle, all the while, not having it in abundance.

By pondering on the current situation that we are living in without the complexes of wealth or poverty, we can realize that many times we give greater importance to the accumulation of material wealth than to the education and administration of the resources that we already possess. By educating ourselves in the administration of the resources we have, we will be able to learn to invest and produce greater wealth in all aspects of our lives. If we are prepared, we run less risk of reducing the level of personal, familiar, and social self-sufficiency that we already have.

Let us remember that money alone is unable to satisfy our needs for affection, company, love, understanding and empathy when relating to other people. So, when we focus and put all our effort into accumulating money, we will undoubtedly neglect the most valuable aspect of our personal wealth. “FAMILY”.

We must also remember that human desires are countless. So, we can easily become frustrated that we cannot satisfy all our desires. So instead of focusing on increasing the amount of money we have, we should focus on generating wealth in all aspects of our lives and to stop worrying about what we do and don’t have; and learn to develop the necessary means to reach our goals and materialize our dreams.

COVID-19 is something that arose unexpectedly, affecting our possibilities of controlling the external aspects that surround us. Shaking our aspirations by forcing us to stay locked up at home. Possibly, COVID-19 limits our space of operation and action, but it in no way limits our creativity and desire to excel. So, we should take advantage of the situation to educate ourselves online and learn a trade or complete a career. Establish a budget and learn techniques to spend less and save. Investigate forms of investment or generation of wealth. Study and learn to develop our talents to USE them for our own benefit.

Remember that there is a big difference between living a millionaire life where everything is left unfinished and living a normal life, with satisfied aspirations, living happy to be able to enjoy everything we do without scarce resources and being financially free. This can be achieved by being consistent in everything we do. Overcoming failures without giving up. Perfecting the means used to achieve our goals, updating the knowledge we have frequently. Optimizing the available time organizing all the tasks to be performed. Working with measurable goals without neglecting our families.

Wealth can be increased in all aspects of our life. Spiritually, by trusting in God and believing that at his side everything is possible, we can develop an absolute Faith in Him and in ourselves. Economically, by not conforming to the stereotype of the common employee who lives on a salary, but with the vision that whenever we try a little more, we can increase our income by using the appropriate means. Familiarly, by caring for and protecting all those we love, dedicating time to play, have fun sharing with them or just to rest and express our love.

So, remember that everything has its time and its place of being. Therefore, protect yourself by following the rules established to combat the pandemic. Stay home and take advantage of the time to strengthen yourself in such a way that when the time comes to go out to face the world again, you do it with the upmost certainty that you will succeed. Strive to be happy, enjoying everything you do and thank God or whoever you want to thank for the joy of being alive.

So if you are enjoying a millionaire life without money, do not be burdened by remaining locked up, instead think of what you are doing as service for the well-being of your family and for the common good of humanity because COVID-19 is not fiction. “COVID-19 IS A REALITY THAT IS DESTROYING FAMILIES.”

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