Since I was a child, I’ve liked cooking and modifying cooking recipes to give them a very personal touch and somehow, I always convert the recipes into original combinations of ingredients and flavors creating my own particular style of preparing them. On this occasion I want to share with you a recipe, which I’ve given the name of “Maria Amelia”, as a tribute to a great woman. She was an example in many aspects of life and she touched the lives of many people. I’ve used this recipe every Christmas season to prepare “María Amelia Cake”, and whenever I do, I remember how Maria Amelia ate almost the entire cake and with a jovial smile she told me, “You are to blame for making it so good, it’s perfect!, and then she asked ; “Could I take a little piece for Papa?, that as usual he had decided to stay at home”. So, every time I baked, I would make a special cake just for her and since it has been a few days since her passing I want to say that her joy and sweetness will become infused in the flavor of this cake. Even though this Christmas season will be the first of many in which Maria Amelia will not be eating the cake.

Maria Amelia cake. (quick recipe)

1 box of yellow cake mix (of the brand you prefer)

1 cup pancake flour

4 eggs

1 can of evaporated milk

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1 orange

1 lemon (Juice and zest)

4 apples cut into wedges

4 ounces of grated panela

1 stick Margarine

1/2 tsp Cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp Nutmeg powder

1/2 tsp Ginger powder

In addition, you will be using:

Aluminum foil

1 baking pan


Step 1) In a bowl place the cake flour, the pancake flour, the 4 eggs, the juice of an orange, the zest of a lemon peel, ½ teaspoon nutmeg, ½ teaspoon ginger, ½ teaspoon Cinnamon, evaporated milk from a can, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. Beat at medium speed until all the ingredients are well mixed.




Step 2) In a bowl mix the margarine with the striped panela





Step 3) In a bowl place the peeled and sliced ​​apples, add the juice of a lemon, a pinch of salt and cinnamon powder to taste



Step 4) Cut a piece of large aluminum foil and cover the bottom of the baking pan and the sides, then place the mixture of panela and margarine distributing it so that all the aluminum is varnished with the mixture.




Step 5) Place the apple wedges at the bottom and sides of the baking pan



Step 6) Fill the baking pan with the cake mixture, (fill it halfway or a little more but not completely, if the baking pan is too small use an additional one for the rest of the mixture).





Step 7) Bake as directed by the box of cake-prepared flour that you use to make the mixture.



Step 8) Let the cake cool before removing it from the baking pan and using a tray turn over and remove the foil




Step 9) Enjoy the amazing taste of Maria Amelia cake and don’t forget to read her story, which will begin next Monday.



The first impression always counts because much depends on that first time when your eyes meet the gaze of the perfect person, who unleashes a wave of unbridled butterflies inside you, while your senses fall asleep enchanted by the sound of his or her voice.  And you automatically lose the coordination of your entire system no matter how old you are to give way to love.





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