The Final chapter of “The Girl In My Eyes” will be next week and now here is the chapter V, Enjoy It.

The following days were very quiet, the atmosphere in the house was full of joy all day with a big difference, since I took the picture from the attic and placed it in my room, she began to walk freely throughout the house regardless of whether it was day or night. When my daughters did their homework in the living room (sitting on the floor). She was also there by the side of the coffee table, watching as my daughters wrote or drew on their notebooks. When we gathered to share in what we call “Family Home Evening ” she sat on the smallest chair in a corner and smiled as she watched us talk and play.

It seemed to me like she was actively participating in everything we did; she was living with us. I got used to seeing her always close to me, so I began to feel her as part of my family. I don’t know when I started calling her “daughter.” Although it seems incredible how quick time went by, we were already in the month of June of the year 2011 exactly, celebrating Father’s Day at church. My daughters gave me chocolates and the cards they had made. At night I could not sleep, I felt frustrated because according to my judgment and despite providing everything we needed, I wanted to have a better salary!  and I also wanted the financial availability to go on vacations. While meditating on how to find another job or how to improve my income working from home, I laid down on the floor in front of the fireplace, when the door to my room slowly opened, letting out a soft squeak and I smiled as she began to walk directly towards me. She smiled at me and while extending her hand gave me a piece of white paper, I observed it and turned it and  It was a card made by her; painted many colored stripes (blue, pink, green, yellow) and in one of the top corners it had a drawing, where she wrote a phrase that I could not understand since it was missing some of the letters. I read it several times until I finally understood: “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”.  At the bottom of the card she had written her favorite phrase: “I love you dad!”. An expression of love that shook me completely then I replied: “I love you too”. From that moment on I was filled with a feeling of motivation and a desire to overcome my struggles and I promised to myself that regardless of the circumstances I would maintain a positive attitude until I’d achieved my goals. After that night that I had received something tangible from someone who did not have a physical body, all the strange events that came after and happened every day seemed normal to me. November arrived quickly and with it the Thanksgiving celebrations. My daughters wanted us to decorate the house for Christmas and to put up a natural Christmas tree, but I knew that I could not fulfill their wishes. My credit card had no longer enough credit in it, I had no money in my savings account and I had not sold any piñatas. My next paycheck would come in three days and I only had $ 20 until the end of the week. After dropping them off at school, a strange warmth seized my body driving me in the direction of the supermarket. Upon arrival I got out of the car and began to walk as if I was in the clouds, automatically not hearing any sounds, letting myself be guided by the strange sensation that took over my body and moved my body and inhibited my will. Unconsciously almost as if I was forced, I placed everything I needed in the shopping cart. Then I lined up to pay, the cashier looked at me in the eyes as she scanned all the items one by one. I was like in another dimension observing everything; until the cashier said: “The total is $ 17.50.” At that moment it was as if I had suddenly been awakened and I reacted incredulously, the cart was half full and she was only charging me $ 17.50. So, I asked: “Did you charge me for everything?” and she replied: “Yes, of course I charged you for everything! If not, I would have to pay for it myself”. Then she stared at me for a few more seconds and added: “I like your contact lenses; it looks like you have a person inside your eyes permanently reflected. I’ve never seen contact lenses like yours!” I was stunned, I have never worn contact lenses in my life. Then the lady behind me touched my arm and said: “Your daughter got out of the cart and ran outside” so, I paid and left the supermarket. I thought about who did the lady see? Because none of my daughters were with me at the time. When I arrived home and checked the receipt, I noticed that the cashier charged me for all the items, but at a lower cost of $ 0.50, $ 0.25, $ 0.15 cents each. On another occasion we went to one of the theme parks in Universal Studios and our tickets weren’t working and we could not go in. So, I went to customer service to find out what had happened and They replied that they were blocked due to non-payment. My daughters asked me, are you going to pay for them? We want to enter the park. Even though they had already deposited my paycheck, I could not pay for them. A man who noticed everything that was happening to us, approached us and said: “How beautiful is your youngest daughter, she looks a lot like one of my granddaughters as blonde as yours. If you can’t pay the tickets, I can! Money is not a problem for me. He took his card out of his pocket and paid for tickets for a whole year. This was one of a series of strange but favorable events that happened to me. I started receiving discount coupons of $ 2.00 or $ 3.00 dollars on many of the products I regularly bought. Coupons buy one and get one for free. Free samples of all kinds of cleaning and personal hygiene products also began to arrive by mail. People who owed me money for work that I had done for them and had not been paid for, called me to go get what they owed me. It seemed that lack of money was no longer going to be a problem. I found a stable job in a wonderful place with amazing people, where they paid me well and had enough time to spend with my daughters. In addition, I could participate in school activities. It was a frequent occurrence to receive generous tips or for other people to pay for what I needed unexpectedly. Even knowing that it was not normal for people to give me money, nor for them to pay for my purchases and even worse for me to accept it; I allowed it to continue without doing anything to change the fact that I was receiving so much help. And even though I thought it was wrong, I didn’t care! About how the events were unfolding at that point of my life. I was concerned that people often told me that the silhouette of a girl was reflected inside my eyes at all the time. Other people told me: “How pretty your blonde-haired daughter is” I could not understand how was it possible that from time to time someone could see her. So my life continued apparently now with four daughters, three of them spent almost the entire day in school and the other followed me around everywhere; With financial stability my emotional stability also grew stronger, so I felt a need to interact a little more with people my age and began to attend group meetings for single adults,  I attended dances and conventions only for fun but on February 14 of the year 2014, in  a Saint Valentine’s Day activity, the unexpected happened  and I found Love! My daughters received the news with joy and were happy that I had a girlfriend. My relationship moved rather quickly to the degree of becoming engaged after a short period of courtship and set the wedding date to October 11 of the same year. The news of my upcoming wedding was not very well received at home. The day broke the news, my daughters were gathered in the living room doing their homework when I told them and the news of my upcoming wedding changed my magical world abruptly from day to night in an instant. When the four of them looked up at me defiantly, the eyes of my three daughters seemed as they were making sparks of red light exploding out through their gaze and the sweet face of my naughty little girl expressed anger. Her enigmatic but sweet look, became sullen, almost aggressive and she lost the twinkle that illuminated her eyes and at that moment she stared directly at me and struck me with a penetrating look causing a terrifying chill to begin to travel all over my body.




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