The Final chapter of “The Girl In My Eyes” will be next week and now here is the chapter V, Enjoy It.

The following days were very quiet, the atmosphere in the house was full of joy all day with a big difference, since I took the picture from the attic and placed it in my room, she began to walk freely throughout the house regardless of whether it was day or night. When my daughters did their homework in the living room (sitting on the floor). She was also there by the side of the coffee table, watching as my daughters wrote or drew on their notebooks. When we gathered to share in what we call “Family Home Evening ” she sat on the smallest chair in a corner and smiled as she watched us talk and play.

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(The Girl in My Eyes had four chapters, but because of the length, I decided to make it into six chapters.  Today is not the end of the story.  I hope you enjoy the fourth chapter.)

In my dreams it seemed as if I was floating in the dark. Without knowing exactly where I was, I began to move across until I reached an unknown path where my body was part of the wind that moved the leaves of the trees, the sensation was fascinating because I was floating, the floor covered with stones and suddenly she was holding my hand, her black eyes were wide and round, her white skin with tiny mouth with puckered lips, her nose puffed but perfectly aligned with the shape of her face and her hair a mix of brown and blonde.

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The loss of a son is something very hard to overcome.  And for my friend, it was very difficult to face that situation on her birthday.  Not because she wanted to celebrate it; but because regardless of distance or circumstances, her son was always the first one to call her.




Anxiety envelops my body, while my Heart beats in a hurry, it is almost midnight, there are only minutes to  start a new day.

A special day where I can receive messages full of joy. Everyone will say “Happy birthday” but there is only one text message that could bring happiness to my life…

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