I have heard many different definitions of the word love. I have read a variety of books that define the word love. I have seen many videos of people who claim to have the precise meaning of the word love. All affirm that their definition is true and then they disprove themselves by making a series of contradictions when speaking or expressing with corporal movements the meaning of the word love. For me, the word love is not defined by concepts, laboratory tests or scientific methods, since love is a feeling that lives with the soul and is always demonstrated in all places where those that I care for are nearby.

However, I will start by sharing a simple definition that I found, describing love as: “A feeling of lively affection and inclination towards a person, animal or thing to which everything good is desired”. I like this definition because it is simple and concrete, although I must say, that desiring for everything to be good does not mean that we will live in a continuous stream of happiness since it is a natural part of life to have conflicts, painful situations, failures or disappointments. With this, we can find love in many different forms. The love of God, filial love, brotherly love, self-love, platonic love, to just name a few.

I found another interpretation that defines love as: “A feeling of intense emotional and sexual attraction towards a person with whom you want to share a life in common”. Again, we find the word desire, to which I could add means freely or by your own will, since sharing a life in common with another person, which besides giving us happiness, also gives us responsibilities and obligations. The love of a couple can be used to understand this.

Currently there are many media outlets for which different professionals, ordinary people or church leaders, bombard us with how love should work as a couple. When and where it should be expressed What is good and what is bad to do within a couple relationship. Because we must act in a specific way with our partner if we want to keep our love strong, deciding whether you will be together for either a few years at most or perhaps the rest your life.


I have learned that everything that is good and inspires us to be better human beings and to develop true love towards our partner, family, friends, neighbors or animals comes from God. This statement applies directly to me because it is what I believe. However, this philosophy does not apply to everyone, because there are people who do not believe in God. The same happens in a couple when they hear about love, read recommendations or receive advice; because not everything applies to them. Although they may consider implementing some of these teachings, that does not affect their way of being and living. You must also be very careful to not change your personalities and beliefs but to only correct the customs or negative aspects that may affect life together with a partner.

Success in a relationship cannot be guaranteed, but we can strive to achieve it every day; being authentic, confident and true to ourselves and to our partner. Taking all the good that our partner gives us with love. Forgiving the errors that can be committed and not giving importance to the minor shortcomings that appear with mutual coexistence. Saying what bothers us in the moment that a disagreement occurs. Choosing to forget the reasons why we have become angry with our significant other. We must strive to not lose that essence that motivates our partner to fall in love with us and to express how much we love them with words and actions every day that we share together.

In summary, I think that the important thing is to persevere. So that the love felt for a loved one never changes and to prevent feelings of annoyance and anger from damaging the relationship. And to not build obstacles that can be strengthened into becoming unbreakable barricades of poor communication. The love between a couple must be the main reason to forgive, forget and constantly desire a shared life in common with a loved one. The desire to be together must give us the strength to continue forward, without heavy burdens that drag us to a wrong path, because after all we must feel love to express, share and prevail between tears and laughter.


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