In this special time, it is good to know a bit of history to get to know the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a celebration that, according to historians, has its origin from many pagan festivals, which were celebrated to honor mythological gods or commemorate cruel or bloody acts. In addition, history assures that formerly in the temples erected for the adoration to God, existed much ecclesiastical debauchery. That has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ; According to several scientists who studied earthly events and biblical stories, they have determined that the birth of Jesus Christ occurred between the months of April or May. And that Christmas was a holiday instituted by the Roman church, which chose December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This way, all believers moved away from pagan festivals to celebrate a transcendental event such as the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST, uniting them in a single celebration called CHRISTMAS.

Not all people celebrate Christmas, even though it is an event recognized worldwide. Mainly because it rejects its pagan origins, was severely censored and rejected by history, included with some interpretations of biblical passages. But if we see the goal of the Roman church and government in antiquity, by instituting December 25 as the day of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, with the aim of alienating all people from pagan practices and bringing them closer to God, not as a measure to control freedom of religion, we can say that Christmas ceased to be an idolatrous celebration and was reborn as a motivational incentive to approach God, through service to our fellow men; as it completely changes its context of pagan worship for a new feeling of love for the needy. Because through the ages, Christmas has come to awaken the emotions sometimes numbed in the hearts of men, through generating a spirit of generosity to give and help those in need. And while it is true that the poor and needy, who suffer different ailments, continue to suffer all the days of the year; It is also true that the spirit of Christmas reminds us to be more human and motivates us to go out to help relieve the pain and deprivation of people in a more forceful way, even if it is only for one month a year.

And without prejudging people for their beliefs, customs or attitudes regarding the celebration of Christmas, we should take this time to devote to the service of others to the extent that our possibilities permit. Giving to our friends, neighbors, relatives and people in general: a smile, a friendly greeting or a wonderful THANK YOU when we ourselves are benefited from the spirit of generosity that December heralds in.


Currently, the month of December along with Christmas bring long queues in supermarkets, toy stores, clothing stores and sometimes a desperate desire to buy the best or most expensive gift. Acting in this way “IS NOT BAD” Because everyone is free to spend their time and money in the way they like. But, leaving aside all the stress generated by the search for the best gift to give to loved ones; we should also take our time a few minutes and add to the list of gifts, a little charity, love, honesty, humility, compassion or service WITH A TOUCH OF HAPPINESS, as to offer our neighbors a moment of joy. Thus, as a result of these actions, we should cram our hearts with that spirit of generous love, which invites us to remember that we are all children of God and that for that reason; We have the ability to: ILLUMINATE THE WORLD.





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