July 17, 2018

What a thrill it was to return to Los Angeles, California after 28 years, I felt very excited and extremely happy to walk streets and around all the places I visited as a teen.

Long Beach! It was always in my heart. And it was one of the first places we visited. My eyes were dazed with happiness to feel the damp wind with the smell of salt, touching my skin, wetting my face and filling my mind with memories of friends, places, meals and an unforgettable adolescence. One of the attractions we were there for that day was the haunted tour inside the Queen Mary (Yes, I’m not wrong to say haunted). There were six of us in the group: My friend, Aleida and her daughter Sophie, my wife Marbel, and my daughters, Amy and Dulce. We were all anxious to be able to enter the ship, however we waited until 6:00 pm, because at that time the entrance becomes free. We began our journey ascending to the second floor, as we were looking for the bathrooms. I must say that on the second floor is the entrance to the hotel and the public bath room. I found the bathroom sensational; Everything was silent, with the sounds of doors creaking and water coming out of the faucets without falling a single drop of water serving as white noise. There was no one else in there, so my visit to the bathroom was extremely quick, but before leaving I took a picture. After I had showed it to everyone, they all laughed at me, thinking that I was crazy for taking a picture of the bathroom.

Then we began to walk through the long corridors on the third and fourth levels observing the display cases filled with original decorative objects from the renaissance of the Queen Mary. We wanted to find the entrance to the engine room at the lowest level of the boat, but it was deemed impossible, so we decided to follow a group of people led by a tour guide. We had not walked much when the tour guide stopped the group and headed to us to say:

– If you wanted a tour of the ship, you should buy the corresponding guide service and pay for the tour, since you cannot continue with the group for free.

After such a shameful situation we are paralyzed in the middle of the corridor where we are trying to get to room B340, the room with the most paranormal activity described by many visitors. Sophie, Amy and Dulce decided to go back to the reception to ask about the schedules and prices of the excursions inside the ship. Marbel, Aleida and I, decided to wait where we were until the girls came back with the information. As they were taking too much time to come back, I decided to explore a little more and start down the stairs to the engine room; but Marbel and Aleida responded. “We are not doing that!” Alluding to the scene in all scary movies, where people begin to die as they separate and go in different directions. I laughed a little and said:

-Ok, stay here, while I’m going to know a little more about the ship.

I walked a few meters and discovered some stairs to a lower level. Everything was silent. There was no one around me and the atmosphere was cold. However, I don’t believe it was attributed to the desolate environment. So, with a firm step, I continued down the stairs to the floor below, where after the last step I faced a beautiful black and white photograph of the Queen Mary sailing majestically in 1936. Looking closely at the photograph, I couldn’t help but wish that I had been alive to have been a passenger in its times of opulence. Then I took my phone out of my pocket and took a picture; then I started to slowly turn my head to observe everything around me. There was no one. Everything was silent still.       

I held on to an iron bar that was part of the stair rail and I thought it was too cold for the temperature around me at the time. The upper floor was cold, but where I was at that moment was a little hotter; I doubled over my stomach to see where the scalars were heading, because they were still down one more level. Oddly enough, at that moment I was not sure what floor I was on. So, I thought:

“Well, I’m already here. What’s more to continue descending one more floor?

I started walking down the stairs and when I reached the end, I was facing three wide doors of thick metal with aluminum handles, each had two leaves and no windows, then I turned to observe, that behind me were only the stairs where I had came from. My curiosity drove me to want to open the doors. So, I had a door facing me and a door on each side. I started trying to open the door to the left side and pulled it hard, but it did not even move. Then I went to the middle door and started trying to open it. When suddenly the door to my left began to move as if someone was trying to open it while I trying to open the middle door, making a lot of noise. The door to the left trembled and I did not know what to do. Immediately I moved to the door on the right and began to pull it to try to open it; then my dismay was greater because the two doors I had tried to open previously were being pulled and made a lot of noise, but there was no one else there, only me, or at least I could not see those who were trying to open the doors. A chill traveled through my body. I turned around to climb the stairs quickly trying to reach the top floor. I ran up with my eyes fixed on the steps so as not to trip and fall. Once I reached the last step, I was out of breath! All my skin went cold, as I was very nervous.

 It was incredible! Just seconds later, I ran upstairs, but my eyes met again with the three doors facing me on the floor below.

I thought I was hallucinating!

How was it possible that I was back at my starting point?

Without understanding what was happening, I looked back and had the stairs up again. At the same time the three doors began to tremble, loud noises were heard from people shouting, trying to open the doors, pulling on them to open. I felt very disturbed. That was not logical! Then I just stepped back, turned around and started up the steps again. The situation became chaotic for me because when I reached the top step, my eyes widened. I felt that an electric current invaded me completely, the heat of my body disappeared, I had goosebumps.

 It could not be possible!


I was facing the same three doors and behind me the stairs up. I got completely confused.

How was that possible?

I was climbing the steps, but I always went back to the floor below. There was no one around me, but the noises of people shouting, trying to open the doors, were getting stronger. I pulled out my phone to call (I had no signal) I started to panic.

 I almost started screaming!

But I closed my eyes and pressed the phone firmly in my hand. The action of tightening the phone strongly reassured me a bit. Then I thought:

“The phone does not work, but I have music. Maybe if I make noise? Everything is over”

When I unlocked the screen, the photograph of the Queen Mary that I had previously taken appeared; I watched it and closed my eyes. I said out loud:

 I want to go to the room where this picture is!

 I want to go to the room where I take this picture!

I turned around and started up the steps. When I reached the end of the stairs, I was facing the ship’s frame, I did not stop and kept going up the stairs until I found the exit. I think my heart started beating again when I saw the girls waiting for me, I told them what happened, and they did not believe me. They thought I had been influenced by all the stories of the Queen Mary. Then we all went to the reception to buy the tickets of the haunted tour. When the guide was showing us every corner of the ship, we came to the corridor where I had ventured to explore by myself. The guide said that several people had reported being caught in a kind of loop at that level. A loop where people tried to escape but always returned to the same point. The guide said that on other occasions they had found people temporarily disappeared at that level thanks to the horrible screams that ask for help, in panic because of the fear they felt of not being able to leave that place. He recommended to “Not to leave the group” Because this usually happened when people were just exploring the place.

I listened carefully but I did not say a word. I did not want them to think I was lying. But I say to my family Accept it! That something paranormal had happened that day as we walked the endless haunted corridors of the Queen Mary.

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