July 17, 2018

What a thrill it was to return to Los Angeles, California after 28 years, I felt very excited and extremely happy to walk streets and around all the places I visited as a teen.

Long Beach! It was always in my heart. And it was one of the first places we visited. My eyes were dazed with happiness to feel the damp wind with the smell of salt, touching my skin, wetting my face and filling my mind with memories of friends, places, meals and an unforgettable adolescence. One of the attractions we were there for that day was the haunted tour inside the Queen Mary (Yes, I’m not wrong to say haunted). There were six of us in the group: My friend, Aleida and her daughter Sophie, my wife Marbel, and my daughters, Amy and Dulce. We were all anxious to be able to enter the ship, however we waited until 6:00 pm, because at that time the entrance becomes free. We began our journey ascending to the second floor, as we were looking for the bathrooms. I must say that on the second floor is the entrance to the hotel and the public bath room. I found the bathroom sensational; Everything was silent, with the sounds of doors creaking and water coming out of the faucets without falling a single drop of water serving as white noise. There was no one else in there, so my visit to the bathroom was extremely quick, but before leaving I took a picture. After I had showed it to everyone, they all laughed at me, thinking that I was crazy for taking a picture of the bathroom.

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