Last night I woke up crying, because I dreamed that you were walking away from me and although it may seem unreal; you were sleeping, as Juliet shouted “Romeo, Romeo, where are you that I do not see you?” Do not laugh at me! Because it was a terrible nightmare, to think that I was losing you.

But I am with you! And when I woke up, I opened my eyes and felt your breath; as I caressed and saw you next to me. What a wonderful gift and privilege! To be able to wake up, to realize that it was just an awful dream. That instead it is a wonderful reality. To have you for me!

I want you to listen to my words. To not throw them away as nothing!

Because they are whispers of love that free Fly.

Let them reach inside you and open Your Heart!

Because the wind could take them away, withering them into

empty and ephemeral words, ones that disappear in time.

I want you to listen to my words. Do not throw them away as nothing!

Because they are whispers of love that free Fly.


I want you to listen to my words and feel the beating of my heart,

I want you to feel what I feel because with these words I declare you my love.

I don’t know, if you have been able to discover that in each of my acts live passion and love; feelings that are born in my being only for you! I asked God to never move you away from me through thought, actions and deeds. Because I NEVER will stop loving you. As long as subtle, sweet, happy whispers, allow me to penetrate your soul to give ourselves completely.


Give me all your passion, to ward off storms.

Open your heart, so that our love never ends.

Never leave me, so that we may complete our dreams.

Let me feel as though you live only for me, so that I can be yours. Completely!



Love me with the force of a hurricane, so that nothing stops us.

Love me and let me love you with all my strength.

Renew yourself in me as I will revive in you.



Do not change your way of being, as I wouldn’t want you to, so that we can love. Our way! Listen to my words, do not toss them as if they were nothing! Because they are whispers of my love that free Fly. But open your Heart because otherwise the wind takes them away. And you, forever, will be mine! More than for just one night, because I know perfectly why and as to how you are LOVE OF MY LIFE.


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