Anoche me desperté llorando, porque soñé que tú te alejabas de mi y aunque parezca mentira; mientras dormía, como Julieta gritaba “Romeo, Romeo, donde estas que no te veo” ¡No te rías de mí! Porque fue una terrible pesadilla, pensar que te perdía.

¡Pero estoy junto a ti!  Y al despertar abro mis ojos, sintiendo tu aliento; mientras acaricio y veo tu cuerpo cálido a mi lado.  ¡Que maravilloso don y privilegio!  Poder despertarme, dándome cuenta de que es una maravillosa realidad ¡Tenerte para mí!

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Last night I woke up crying, because I dreamed that you were walking away from me and although it may seem unreal; you were sleeping, as Juliet shouted “Romeo, Romeo, where are you that I do not see you?” Do not laugh at me! Because it was a terrible nightmare, to think that I was losing you.

But I am with you! And when I woke up, I opened my eyes and felt your breath; as I caressed and saw you next to me. What a wonderful gift and privilege! To be able to wake up, to realize that it was just an awful dream. That instead it is a wonderful reality. To have you for me!

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