Overcoming the pain of losing a loved one due to cancer is very difficult, and sometimes more painful is to continue living the first days after they passed away.



Slowly you have closed your eyes, how peaceful now is the expression of your face and how silent are the beatings of your heart; I would like to be able to transmit my warmth inside your body and hear you smiling, while you hold my hand and tell me I love you!

How many memories tattooed on my soul, that make me feel pain and weaken me; filling my heart with sadness. But the certainty that someday you will be by my side gives me the strength that I need to continue living every day. And while tears roll down my cheeks I remember your valuable and loving smile to feel a bit of joy.

And although now everything is darkness around me, I feel peace because you no longer suffer, my love. I would like to smile! But I cannot. Since, when looking up at the sky, only black clouds meet. Maybe my eyes do not see clarity, because your memories cloud them.

Nevertheless! I will look and bravely face those black clouds. And I will search! Through them, Eternal Happiness; facing challenges until finding you again; Your smile in the sky!


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