HAPPY-03The Doll’s eyes widened, fascinated by the interior of the house. The entire first level was a dance floor with a gray ceramic floor. The walls were painted lilac and covered with multiple brightly colored flowers. Plastic strips covered in green leaves entwined with colored lights hung from the ceiling. In the center of the track was a huge rotating ball covered with small gold-colored mirrors. To one side was a bar where alcoholic beverages were served. The far end was divided into a small stage and a small DJ rig with two huge speakers. The dance floor was also circled by several tables and chairs where people could eat.

It was the first time Doll had been in a place like that, so she was fascinated by everything that was around her. Suddenly her eyes came across some spiral-shaped metal stairs that ascended to the second level, from where she could see the entire dance floor. On the second level, there were a total of ten rooms, all with a different name written on the top of the doors.

photo of stairs

The huge house had a third level with a total of ten rooms with no names on the doors. Suddenly Doll was surprised to observe that she was on the third level; she had gone up without realizing how she did it by being absorbed in her own thoughts and discovering the interior of what would become her new house for some time. Hastily, Doll went down to the first level and walked to the center of the floor, stopping just below the huge ball of golden crystals.

Softly, a romantic melody began to be heard throughout the place. The doll heard Pablo’s voice behind her telling her, “I was waiting for you”. Then she turned around at the same time that Pablo held her tightly by her waist. The contact of Pablo’s strong hands on her waist inflamed Doll’s blood. Without saying anything else, Pablo began to kiss her as they moved to the rhythm of the music.

HAPPY-05When the song ended, Pablo picked up Doll in his arms and took her to a beautiful room on the first level. He gently laid her on the bed and tenderly made her his woman. When they both calmed down the frenzy they felt towards each other, Pablo told her, “This will be your room; it has a direct door to the street, so I can visit you whenever I want to. As long as you’re with me, you’re not going to do cleaning work with other men. I will give you money and take care of you. You can have fun on the dance floor if you want to, but only when I’m not here with you.”

The Doll listened without paying attention to what Pablo was saying. All her senses were distracted by observing Pablo’s fascial movements. The redness of his lips seemed to be extremely hot and manly to Doll, and his brown eyes with a tender gaze seemed to envelop her entire naked body with tenderness. The sound of his voice was maddening, and it ignited her senses wildly. Doll was alienated by Pablo’s masculine charms, so from that moment on, she lost her will and began to obey him without putting up any resistance to what Pablo might ask of her.

man in blue dress shirt and black formal suit

While Doll and Pablo were enjoying carnal pleasures in their room, the girls were already on the dance floor, waiting for the local customers to arrive.

They all wore tiny dresses in bright colors. High heels. Their perfectly styled hair and abundant makeup on their faces. Each of them wore a different scent of perfume. While a small cloud of white smoke with the smell of lavender incense spread throughout the environment. The main lights went out at the same instant as multiple-colored lights came on all over the place.

The first person who entered the Happy Boy was a young woman, very poorly dressed and disheveled, who was carrying a backpack on her back. She quickly walked to the other end of the dance floor without stopping and then disappeared into one of the rooms on the first level. Little by little, men of all ages began to arrive. Everyone was wearing their best clothes and asking about the new merchandise that had just arrived from the other side of the border.

women having a conversation at the party

Slowly, the music grew louder, while some girls approached the men to ask them to dance. It had been a little over half an hour since the poorly dressed young woman had entered one of the rooms. Suddenly she opened the door of the room where she was, and she came out totally transformed. She was wearing a silver leather dress fully fitted to the figure of her body, golden high-heeled shoes, her face made up, and her loose wavy hair collected at the ends of her head with silver hooks adorned with golden flowers.

In an exuberant but rhythmic way, she walked towards the dance floor, where she began to dance sensually like a mermaid looking to catch prey. Her name was synonymous with experience among the Happy Boy girls. Some of them were envious of her because she had wealthy clients who frequently sought her out. The girl at the cleaning job was known as “The American Girl”.

It was about ten o’clock at night, which is why the girls used to say that the night was still young and fresh, to have fun and enjoy their cleaning work. The American Girl was in the center of the floor, dancing very tight with one of the most well-known and respected men in town. When she suddenly felt a woman’s hand that pulled her strongly by her hair while slapping her across the face. The woman who was assaulting her yelled at her, “You are the American Girl, the cheap prostitute who sleeps with my husband; you are a stinking pig who likes to sleep with other women’s men.”

man and woman closing their eyes

The woman’s husband was the man who was dancing with The American Girl, who, trying to calm the situation, wanted to talk to his wife, but she, letting go of The American Girl, gave her husband a strong push, sending him to the ground where, while kicking him, she yelled at him, “Loser, Jerk, I’ll wait for you at home.”

Suddenly, the woman pounced on The American Girl again, holding her by her hair while she slapped her repeatedly. The American Girl tried to defend herself from the slaps that the woman was giving her while she struggled to get free of the crazy woman, yelling at her, “Bitter old woman, you are so old and ugly that your husband doesn’t like sleeping with you anymore. You are so old and wrinkled that you can no longer make love to your husband, because surely you are so finished that you no longer make him feel anything; perhaps you don’t even like being with him anymore.

The American Girl’s words were fuel for the enraged feelings of the woman who was attacking her, who began to scream, “Perverted whore, I do like to make love, but with my husband. I don’t sleep with other men like you do because I’m not a prostitute, and right now I’m going to teach you to respect other women’s men, miserable bitch.”

women fighting in a field

The woman was so enraged that, with unknown force, she grabbed and dragged the American girl by her hair until she took her out of the Happy Boy to throw her in the middle of the street, where her other three friends were waiting for her to come out. All the women, like voracious hyenas, began to destroy and tear off the clothes of The American Girl, who was screaming madly for help. While one of the women who was attacking her turned to face the Happy Boy girls with a machete in her hand, she yelled at them, “Whoever dares to defend this pervert, I’ll tear you into pieces.”

The women did not stop until they left. The American girl was lying on the ground, naked in the middle of the street, with her body covered in “PICA, PICA” powder and the warning, “Do not sleep with any of our husbands again.”



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