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I don’t know how many of you know the Pinky and the Brain cartoon series. But I am going to use the famous phrase immersed in the plot of that animated series, which is said in each of the chapters when Pinky asks, What are we going to do today, Brain? And the Brain responds, “The same thing we do every day… trying to conquer the World!” A comically ephemeral response, but with an unruly depth of feelings, desires, goals, or purposes to develop in life.

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Many years ago, I heard a story where it was said that to be a man on this earth, any individual of the male gender must build a house with his own hands, plant a tree that must be cared for all his life, and finally put on his belt to become the head of his own family. Which can become a very difficult challenge to achieve if we are guided by the literal or conceptual aspect of what it means to be “A Man” on this earth. Since then, the concept of the word “man” has lost respect, value, and dignity.

Formerly, it was believed that to be a real man, you had to have a hostile, arrogant character, develop almost invincible physical strength, enslave women, mistreat your children, and live life irresponsibly without fearing anything. With which women were excluded from any activity that would allow them to develop their intellect or demonstrate the ability they possess to perform various activities that would allow them to realize their dreams.

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At present, the literal concept of the words used to define humans has been captured in the pages of books or hidden in dictionaries. Thus, the actions that define men and women have been embodied in various concepts modernized by radio, television, or social networks. The stereotype of the adventurous man who conquers chimeras in the style of Hollywood or the paradigm of the long-suffering and self-sacrificing woman who cannot solve her own problems says, “Currently, they are only fiction.”.

Since we can say that today’s society has discovered after so many centuries of denying the reality that men and women have the same cognitive value, that is, the same capacity to learn, develop, and materialize the knowledge they’ve acquired. Including the physical aspect that allows them to break the barriers of disbelief or mediocrity to reach the maximum potential they possess. Although it is good to make it clearly established that both men and women were created for different and specific purposes inherent to their nature,

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I firmly believe that God created men and women. But, although they are totally different in their divine nature, they are exactly the same in the eyes of God. On this occasion, I am not going to delve into the Christian or religious aspect of the human being. However, I want to emphasize that each one of us possesses divine potential, which allows us to carry out activities that may seem impossible to achieve.

And I am not referring to diving to the bottom of the sea to rescue sunken treasures, fighting with one-eyed giants to steal their hidden diamonds, or traveling to the center of the earth to discover lost civilizations. NO! I don’t mean that we have divine potential to conquer that kind of challenge or chimera.

Perhaps the way in which we can conquer the world will seem illogical to you due to the simplicity of the actions that we must carry out. But something very important that I have learned through listening to Modern Revelation, or the teachings of my religious leaders is that there is no worse enemy that we must face on this earth than “OURSELVES”.

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Because to conquer the world we must learn to control our carnal appetites, develop undeniable character, develop self-control, be charitable and generous, respect all people as they are, not criticize, be grateful, develop self-respect, be honest and truthful, responsibly accept the consequences of our actions, whether good or bad, learn to believe and trust ourselves, and finally live each day as if it were the last day of our lives.

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Since we conquer the world every time we smile in the midst of pain. We give bread to the hungry. Give a handout to the needy. We provide for our own family with love. We console the one who suffers. We flee from violence. We restrain our tongue from saying hurtful or offensive words. We respect the decisions of others. We overcome temptations. We do not provoke conflict. In other words, to CONQUER THE WORLD and become CONQUERORS we must learn to love God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves.


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