man and woman having dinner for the day of the dead

Like a transparent glass, totally invisible to the sense of sight is the wall that divides the world of the living from the world of the dead. One of the questions that has resonated the most throughout history is “Where do we go when we die?” And many are the questions that have arisen around that question: Is there life after death? Will we see our loved ones again when we have died? Is there paradise? Does the hell exist?

Approximately two years ago a person told me that she did not believe in life after death. That the hypothetical belief that when we die, we will reunite with our ancestors lacks a scientific or logical foundation to determine that there is a spiritual world where we will go to rest. Basing her reasoning on the biblical fact that when Lazarus was brought back to life by Jesus; Lazarus left no written record of what he saw while he was dead. He also did not return telling or affirming that there was a spiritual world where all souls go to rest or to pay for their sins.

man and woman with scary makeup looking at camera

All human beings who have lived and who are living in this earthly world; we have had to go through the process of receiving a physical body that was formed inside the womb of a woman. Process in which while the human body grew and developed, it received a spirit to inhabit it, preserving during the time of its evolution full awareness of its divine nature that helped it complete the process of its physical formation.

Putting aside the controversy of whether the spirit enters the human body before or after its birth. We are going to continue saying that at the moment of birth we all also go through that fine glass that separates life from death, making us forget all lived memories of a spiritual world. Leaving our bodies marked by the pain of birth and a conscience that will help us discern between good and evil.

So, if at the moment of birth, we all forget the place where we came from, it is logical to think that at the moment that Lazarus lived again; he had to go through again that fine glass that separates life from death, forgetting everything he saw or heard while he was dead. On the other hand, there is a very important point to emphasize, such as the fact that Jesus was dead for three days, after which he rose again. And it is reliably true that when Jesus passed through the thin glass that separates life from death and that erases all memory of the spirit world, he was not affected. Since he testified about it, telling what he had done during the three days that he was dead. Which was recorded by the apostles and prophets of that time.

man and woman with scary makeup

Currently there are various beliefs, customs, and traditions regarding the day of the dead. And I am not going to write about any of them because they are all valid and must be respected. However, I am going to share a little of what I have experienced and learned about a world exactly like the world we live in, but more organized, on the other side of the fine glass that divides the living from the dead.

It is common to dream of family and friends who have already left. Talk to them while we are asleep and even go for a walk or carry out activities together in familiar or distant places to which we have never been. When we dream of people who have already died, it is because they have received permission to go through the crystal that divides us spiritually, for this reason they communicate with us while our body sleeps, temporarily freeing our spirit in such a way that it can communicate with the spirit of the person who visits us in dreams.

Since I was a child, I have had countless experiences in the spirit world. And it has never been easy to talk about it, since my mother taught me to believe in the bible and to hold on to its writings with absolute faith in order to endure a different life that begins when the gloom of day turns to darkness at night. In my child’s mind, I mistakenly thought that I lived in unforgivable sin, since the Bible totally prohibits and condemns all who speak with the dead. But as I grew older, I stopped feeling guilty because I analyzed and understood more clearly what the Bible teaches.

person in mask and costume of death on day of dead in mexico city

I have never sought, called, or invoked the spirits of people who have already died. They are the ones who approach me, without being invited. For some unknown purpose, since I was a child, I have been able to cross the glass that separates me from them. I have talked, laughed, or cried listening to their stories. In the world of spirits, some of them do not know that they are dead, they live a harmonious life, they work, they do recreational activities, they cook, they are happy living an eternal dream where there are no problems and no pain. They gather with family and friends, never asking about all their loved ones who are still alive.

Other spirits are fully aware of their condition and know that they have separated from their physical body. Many of them approach the fine glass that separates us, to observe the life of the living. Many times, they suffer seeing how we waste time and our lives doing things that mean nothing. They progress faster. They spiritually live an almost perfect life. Most of the time they enjoy a lot of peace. They work with a purpose, following a linear state that guides them towards eternal life.

Others live in a place where I don’t have access. Sometimes I have gone to the entrance of that place to talk with someone who is calling me. I describe it as the entrance to a large theater or cinema, because it has a kind of box office with a door on the left and another on the right. There is always someone to whom I have to tell the name of the person who is calling me. The gates have guardians. The spirit that leaves that place does so through the right door and when it returns inside it does so through the left door.

bright burn burnt candle

The spirits that are in there live in hell, because they suffer a lot of pain caused by the memory of their own sins, they are aggressive and most of the time they only seek to harm. The few times I have seen a spirit come out of there, it has been to hear them cry and see them suffer. Recriminating that when they were alive nobody did anything for them.

In general, the spirits that live on the other side of the glass are happy. In the spiritual world they prepare their food, which I am forbidden to eat when I visit them in dreams. Many years ago, I was with someone who helped prepare their food and for a moment I forgot that I was in the spirit world, then I tasted the food and instantly remembered that I was asleep, and that person was dead. Then I woke up and was sick with vertigo for over a week. I have never tasted the food of the dead again.

selective focus photography of candles

Every year the first weeks of November become a torment for me. People light candles everywhere. A candle for each of their dead relatives. Hoping that they see the light and follow it. Which is literally true. In my house, candles are never left burning at night. Since the light of the candles attracts the spirits during the night.

There are many spirits that approach me in dreams during the month of November and I can testify to you that many of them are a true nightmare. But regardless of what we think or believe, I want to testify to you that love is eternal, just like families are, and even though we are physically separated from the dead, they continue to be part of our lives.


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