RECHAZADO-02Have you ever heard the tale of unwanted toys? Or maybe, did you ever get a chance to see the forgotten toys Christmas movie? I do listen to the story and get excited watching the movie. I also remember that there was an animated movie about rejected toys. All the characters went through various adventures in which they suffered a lot, but in the end, they found a way to be happy.

RECHAZADO-06On this occasion, I share the story of the rejected piñata. As I have said on several occasions, I make piñatas for children’s parties and sometimes “not so childish”. Making piñatas helps me sustain the economy of my home. There are times when I would like many people to order me piñatas weekly to have a higher income, although I also think that if they order many piñatas every week, I will end up very tired since I like to elaborate each piñata in detail according to the requirements of the people who ask me for them.

Every time I make a piñata, I do it so that when it is finished it can generate joy and fun for everyone who sees it. Each piñata that I make has the purpose of being an instrument that produces memories in the minds and hearts of the birthday person, though I must say that not all people are satisfied with my piñatas and when that happens. I try to correct what they don’t like until the client is satisfied with the piñata they are receiving.

RECHAZADO-01About three months ago somebody ordered a baby Moana piñata from one of the stores where I sell piñatas by the dozen. I made the piñata following the steps established by myself. When the piñata was ready, I delivered it to the store and the store owner delivered it to the person who ordered it.

They told me that the birthday girl was a seven-year-old girl, who left happy with the Moana baby piñata. Two days later the girl’s mother was back at the store returning the piñata. She told the store owner that the piñata had a very dark skin color. She also told him that the children she had invited to celebrate her daughter’s birthday had mocked saying that the piñata looks alike to the birthday girl and that her daughter had started crying, so she wanted to change Moana’s piñata for one of Snow white. Since all the guests were at home waiting for another piñata.

RECHAZADO-04The store owner made the change and kept the baby Moana piñata on sale for over two weeks without anyone buying it. After that time, he returned it to me, telling me that people liked the piñata, but they didn’t buy it because it had a very dark skin color.

So, I decided to take the piñata to another store where the same thing happened. Later I took it to another store, where it was not sold either. Thus, approximately three months passed during which the piñata received different names, “La Negrita”, “La Prieta”, and “La chocolata”.

When I got home, I placed her on a chair in the dining room while sitting next to her. Crossing my arms, I told her to forgive me for having teased her so much, simply because I wanted to sell her. I told her that regardless of people’s opinions, she was very beautiful and that she had a purpose for which she was made. And although it seems contradictory knowing that to fulfill her purpose she would have to be beaten, “she would be an instrument of joy”.

RECHAZADO-03So, I left home to give the piñata to someone who could help it fulfill the purpose for which it was made. When I delivered it, the baby Moana piñata was received with love and a huge smile on the lips of the little girl that she immediately began to smile, scream, and ask for candy for the piñata.

RECHAZADO-07There may be many occasions when we could feel destroyed, beaten, offended, or even REJECTED. But if we don’t lose focus of our lives, constantly remember that we all have a purpose in this life. We don’t have to wait for the end to come to find happiness. Since we can all be so happy individually, according to the value and importance that we give to ourselves.


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