IMAGEN-01During the month of September, I have not made weekly publications with the frequency that I am used to doing so, since I have been visiting different people who have requested it because of the need they have to be heard and express their feelings without fear of being judged or criticized.

Which has not been economically productive because when I talk with people individually, it’s as if I’m talking with a friend, whom I’m not going to charge for their need to be heard, and I invest time that I could use to be make piñatas, write, or take part in home activities. Doing this is very different from organizing mini conferences where people have to buy a ticket to participate in the event.

IMAGEN-02However, the happiness I feel when I see people free themselves from heavy emotional burdens that do not allow them to think, feel, or act with clarity of mind and peace of heart is much more satisfying than any financial compensation that I have not received.

Although I must tell you that it does not seem prudent to talk person to person because I have had experiences where some people have developed a dependence on listening to me frequently, to the point of thinking that I am like an oracle that they should consult before acting, deciding, or solving their problems. During the month of September, I was flexible in accepting the opportunity to speak with people individually. Since the start of the pandemic, I have not held any group talks again.

During this period of time that I have spoken with several people, I found similar problems among all of them, such as: dissatisfaction, depression, stress, sadness, or pain. Some people blamed God, other people blamed fate or bad luck, other people blamed their family or friends, and very few people admitted that they made wrong decisions or acted wrongly, which led them to obtaining unexpected results that have caused them to experience feelings opposite to those they expected.

IMAGEN-03The common emotional factor among all of them was “I’m not happy.” Finding the reason for the unhappiness of a heart that beats fervently, seeking to be happy, is like trying to find a pearl in the immensity of the sea, not knowing the route to follow in order to find the oyster that imprisons it inside its own shell.

It is clear that each individual is a totally different world from all the others. as unique and different as the events of the human conception of it. Therefore, it should never be thought that what makes an individual happy can make a multitude happy. Joy is contagious and can be shared with everyone around us at any given moment, but fleeting happiness or true joy is individual. And it is obtained in a peculiar or particularly different way in each individual depending on his or her own heart’s desires.

DUDA-10So, in order to discover the reasons that prevent us from being happy, we must first learn to define what we feel. Since by separating the different emotions or feelings that we have intertwined in our hearts, it is easier for us to find the cause of the growing unhappiness that causes dissatisfaction, sadness, or pain.

On many occasions, happiness can be found doing outdoor activities in a simple way, such as walking or running through the streets of the neighborhood or in harmony with nature in a park. also do light tasks at home or as a service by helping our friends or neighbors.

Happiness is something that is carried within the heart and that extends to our inner system through temperamental or physical self-control. And it can be preserved through the constant practice of gratitude. The search for professional growth. The perspective of having measurable and real goals. The satisfaction of doing what we like of our own free will. Take care and maintain a peaceful conscience. Learn to know ourselves, accepting and recognizing our mistakes, defects, or weaknesses of character.

KING-07On the other hand, feeling happy is not the same as being happy. Feeling happy is a passing state of mind but being happy is being satisfied with everything we do, have, or aspire to; striving to live according to the dictates of our own heart or moral precepts; learning to discern between good and evil so as not to suffer from guilty consciences that only oppress us and create unhappiness.

Being happy implies individual responsibility, by allowing the pearl that shines within our own shell to shine outward, and not dim inside a cold body without expressions or affections. When Jehovah created man, he created him to have joy and be happy every day of his life, giving him all the necessary tools so that he would learn to develop that happiness by his own choice.

ROY-08Most of the time, happiness is found by conviction, decision, or choice, not by external factors, so to be happy, sometimes you have to cry with a smile on your lips, love with thorns in your heart, or walk with stones in your shoes. Although it seems paradoxical since we ourselves are the only ones who can change these factors as well as transform the phrase “I AM NOT HAPPY” to “I AM HAPPY”, eliminating the “NO” in all the circumstances of our lives.


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