ALEXIS-01The expression, “LIFE IS A DREAM” can have various meanings that define it or forms of expression that exemplify the feelings of people in a specific emotional state during a certain period of their lives.

ALEXIS-03On this occasion I want to use this phrase, “LIFE IS A DREAM” to define the importance of living fully within the framework that corresponds to the happiness that can be felt in the early years of youth where all our thoughts are confused with feelings and are intertwined with the perpetuity of the memories that we store inside our body.

ALEXIS-10Tangible and intangible memories that by the force of their experience are capable of touching our own soul. To the degree of making us feel that they revive our being every time we remember them, giving us the feeling that they have been captured for eternity; as if everything had been a dream.

ALEXIS-09That is why it is important to learn to discover, step by step, that the path of life we build our happiness on, is made with each thought that is born within our mind, with each word that comes out of our mouth, with each action that is executed with our body, with each desire that is born in our dreams, with each goal that we establish over time and that it does not depend on the decisions or attitudes of anyone but ourselves.

The illusion of living fully often begins with the arrival of fifteen years and that is when we say that “LIFE IS A DREAM” because the sun always shines in all its splendor around us.


ALEXIS-08Fifteen years have passed since we saw your beautiful face for the first time. Your gentle eyes were eager to discover everything around you. Your little hands played with your fingers while you gave us a bright smile to all of us who looked at you.

ALEXIS-06Fifteen years have passed, and although you have grown up and experienced various emotions in your childhood by joking, playing, studying, walking, sharing with your siblings and family; you still keep that bright smile that fills the hearts of your parents with love and happiness.

ALEXIS-05Fifteen years have passed during which your body and feelings have changed. Your childhood begins to be in the past. Your teen years awakens with all the strength of your youth, transforming your desires into wishes of materializing your dreams in a new world you have yet to discover; where your personality will open paths through which you will probably stumble by making mistakes, but also enjoy finding success in everything you set out to do.

ALEXIS-02Fifteen years have passed, and you probably think it’s been a long time, but you still have a long time to live. Enjoy every day of your life with love, joy, and strength to always defend your goals in life. Because today the girl who lives in you begins to transform into a woman with new emotions, and new things to learn. However, no matter how old you are or how much you still have to grow; you will always have our love, support, and company on which you can rest when you feel the need to be pampered.

ALEXIS-04ALEXIS-07Because the love that your whole family feels for you is immense and the love that your parents feel for you is eternal, like the happiness that we wish for you.

Therefore, we want to wish you the best and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXIS.


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