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Every morning when we wake up, we are the ones who decide by choice of thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires, or attitudes how we want the new day to unfold in our lives. Since we ourselves are the ones who create the environment to live a “harmonious and happy” day or a “grey and complicated” day.


-Today is Monday, day to start work. I haven’t even gotten up and I’m already tired of just thinking about everything I have to do! Monday shouldn’t exist on the calendar. I would have very much liked the weekend to be three days and the working week to be four. Oh, because I’m thinking it’s already getting late.

-Today is Tuesday, workday. Pay the electricity bill. Do the shopping for the week and repair the stove that was damaged. I would not like to be the one to repair the stove, but the money is not enough for me. It’s always the same, everything I have to do! Always running clockwise, because if I don’t hurry, the day is over, then night comes, and I don’t finish my assignments for this day.

white and black weekly planner on gray surface

-Today is Wednesday, workday. Clean the house. Go to the doctor’s appointment because my whole body hurts. Pay the water bill. Today I am going to try to put up with my co-workers who are becoming more impertinent every day. I don’t understand how I’m still in that job! Where I feel so uncomfortable; But if I quit, how do I pay the house bills? It is also terrible to go through the process of finding a new job where I may be treated poorly. Maybe they don’t pay me well! Oh, maybe the new co-workers are worse than the ones I currently have.

-Today is Thursday, workday. Cut the grass. Pay all insurance. Take the car to the mechanic because it is failing me. Surely, I’m going to have to buy spare parts, the mechanic is going to charge me dearly, and I’m going to spend a lot of money. Yesterday I argued with a co-worker and today I’m going to have to put up with him all day, but I’m not going to talk to him. I’m not going to apologize either!

-Today is Friday, workday. Clean the garden. Do Laundry. If I have time, I will go visit my cousins ​​at their house. I probably won’t have time to visit my cousins! Also, when I finish work, I will be so tired that my mood will be Unbearable!

-Today is Saturday, no work today. Today is the day to cook all the food for the next week. It seems like it’s going to rain! Rain always ruins the day. The atmosphere on the street becomes heavy and unpleasant. The rain generates humidity due to the hot temperature of the environment. I don’t understand how people go for a walk in such irritating weather conditions!

a person writing on a desk calendar

-Today is Sunday, day of doing nothing. Maybe I’ll go to church, even though I’m so tired I don’t want to leave the house. Tomorrow is Monday and I start by repeating a routine that doesn’t end. It seems that every day is the same, always the same! Work, work, and work. When I get off work I have so many things to do that I don’t have enough time for the things I would like to do. I would like to win the lottery to change my lifestyle. Sometimes I want to give up everything I do. I feel that nothing pleases me. I don’t like anything because everything is too complicated, and it is difficult for me to do all my assignments. How I would like to be like the neighbor, or like my boss! They have their life resolved, a very good economic position and surely live without any problems.



-Today is a day to enjoy, thank, live, feel and decide that no matter what happens, I will be happy!

Sometimes we live the days of our lives in too much of a hurry, with thoughts clouded by unfulfilled desires. Dissatisfied with everything that surrounds us because we ourselves create a lifestyle reduced to our needs, without being able to see that our area of ​​action is infinite. Without realizing it, we can make the mistake of magnifying our problems, feeling rejected by our jobs and the environment in which we live.

man in a floral polo thinking while his hand is on his head

Which creates negativity around us in such a way that we can lose our identity and ability to enjoy our life. We can also lose control to accept the difficult things that may happen to us, in such a way that our ability to act wisely and to face them with courage is diminished.

It may be that, for no apparent reason, we feel trapped in a labyrinth of social, economic, family, or emotional pressure that threatens to unbalance our lives and we want to free ourselves. But we feel we can’t do it because we can’t find a way out. Perhaps this happens, because the key that opens the door that can free us from this labyrinth is found in our own ATTITUDE, which we are not willing to analyze or change.

Learning to restrain our thoughts, and not anticipate what may happen, not assuming other people’s responses or feelings, can help us keep our own emotions well defined. Learning to recognize and accept that we are wrong is essential to be able to correct the mistakes made. Maintaining a positive attitude can be very difficult if we constantly notice everything that the people around us are doing, or perhaps, we find it difficult to maintain a positive attitude because we are easily offended, since everything that others say or do we take very personally.

photo of woman looking at the mirror

Sometimes to be happy we just need to lose our sanity and go a little crazy, forgetting what day it is today? In such a way that we can enjoy everything we do. To feel grateful to God, to life or to the universe for giving us the opportunity to exist, live, love, suffer, cry, work, rest, pay debts, walk, go on a trip, share with family and friends, carrying in our souls PEACE, in our hearts JOY and in our minds PURE THOUGHTS.

So, the next time someone asks us what day it is today? Let’s clarify our thoughts; let’s take a deep breath to attract a positive attitude, and with a smile on our lips we’ll answer, “TODAY IS THE PERFECT DAY TO BE HAPPY”.


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