MARIA-02My father was a photographer. He made many trips to different places to take pictures at the town fairs. He met many people, and on several occasions, he told me about his experiences on those trips. There were times when he would tell me stories that I had already heard.

My father frequently talked about his visits to Mexico and how fun the fairs that were held in that country were. He told me that on one occasion in Mexico City he met Maria Félix, with whom he talked for a long time. He also took pictures of her, which my father gave to her as a gift. He told me about this experience more than ten times on different occasions and I always answered him, “Since there is no proof of the existence of those photographs, I doubt very much that it was true.” My father would get angry and vehemently repeat that he had talked face to face with Maria Félix.

I have always liked Maria Félix’s films and in the year 1983 I wrote a poem for her. I used it as the basis for one of my previous publications referring to the beauty of women, although it was originally written for Maria Félix. This time I share it with you without editing it. That is, without corrections or modifications. I post it as I wrote it when I was twelve years old.


Living force, strong and energetic.

Cruel and wicked. But extremely beautiful, that’s you, Maria!

Mud flower, lotus flower, cherry blossom that kills and poisons,

but sweetly it is seen and longed for.

Carnivorous woman! thrown into the sea, treacherous and arrogant.

but tell me what muse Maria would not want for an instant to possess your look.

Far away or easy to reach chimera.

Star possessing a brilliance that cannot be touched.

That’s you Maria!

sombrademujerAnd now tell me! But tell me, Maria! Why can’t I forget you?

For you anyone could kills, steals, and destroys.

Because like an eagle that sets its sights on its prey,

you catch everything you like Maria! And you take it away…

Yes! You take away his freedom.

Singing! Yes, singing happy and smiling Maria…

To the world you look as if you were a dream come true.

What you give me? What have you given me? I wonder…

Why I feel so bad?

Because just thinking about the sparkle in your eyes, Maria!

I long to be in your arms always.

Tell me! But tell me, Maria! Why can’t I forget you?

What spell do you have on your person, Maria?

That everyone who sees you falls in love with you

Will it be? That despite what you appear; see in your soul something else…

Or could it be? Maria…

That they finally discover that all your Mexican goddess,

You are sweetness, love, and friendship.


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