seashore under white and blue sky during sunset

The first time my eyes saw the immensity of the sea, my heart almost literally exploded inside my chest. I don’t remember how old I was, but I had already heard many fantastic stories about sea monsters that lived at the bottom of the sea. Tales of beautiful mermaids who, with their charms, attacked the crew of ships that entered their waters. The story of the giant white whale. Pirate adventures in search of treasures and the many love stories that took place on the shores of the beach.

sea water forming seafoams

I remember that I felt scared when I started to walk towards the water, the noise and size of the waves intimidated me. However, I got close enough that I could feel how cold the water was while experiencing the indescribable sensation of feeling the foam of the sea covering my feet. I was holding a plastic bucket and immediately started to catch the seafoam with my hands and then put it inside the bucket. In my child’s mind I believed that I was recovering the body of some mermaid that had died of love. Then I dug a hole in the sand to bury the foam that had already turned to water.

At that time, when I was very young, I participated in a Christian radio program in my town. I had stellar participation in the program, where I would recite poems. At that radio station, they used to broadcast children’s stories early in the morning. There was a story in particular that had captivated me. So, on one occasion I took the opportunity to have one of the technicians record the story for me so that I could listen to it at home. I liked that story so much that I listened to it repeatedly.

blue and white abstract painting

Now I know that it was one of the first versions of “The Little Mermaid”. In the story the mermaid leaves her home in the depths of the sea because she falls in love with a human who cannot love her back. Then, filled with pain and with a broken heart, she returns to the sea to meet her family where she dies of a broken heart and turns into seafoam. The mermaid sings while she is dying, “Today I want to sing for my only love and then return to my home, to be sea foam.” I always cried when I heard the end of the story.

In my book “I AM A COPIER”, I put many of the feelings that the sea inspires within me in the first chapter. The sensation of immersing myself in the crystal-clear waters of the peaceful beaches of Punta de Manabique in Guatemala, contemplating the colorful fish that come to the shore of a small pier, which in my book became an abrupt awakening to the real world where you don’t know who you are.

aerial photography of seashore

Salt is extracted from the waters of the sea with which almost all the foods we consume are flavored. Salt is like a reflection of the sea foam. That crystallized being moves around the world to flavor the existence of innumerable species of living beings. It is also used in a variety of medications. In some cultures, it is used as a means of purification, protection, or for the eradication of the consequences of our mistakes.

In many movies and books, they use it as a deadly weapon against evil, evil spirits or to cast spells. It is also said that when a person suffers for love, the pain he feels becomes tangible through the salty or bitter tears that flow from his eyes.

Love is immeasurable and sometimes painful. Throughout history, many tragedies or happy endings have been justified in the name of love. It is said that the line that divides love from hate is extremely thin and can be easily broken, when there are no limits established by sanity, good sense, honesty, morality, or purity to love in the immense sea of ​​life.

man plowing salt

Human feelings are so different, with variations in intensity if we want to measure or compare them between people. Since each individual thinks, acts or reacts in a particular way that makes us different from all the others. And it is in those differences that we have individually that the flavor that we give to our lives lies.

The Master of master’s said, “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, with what will it be salted?” Many times, when we taste food, we express how delicious it is, enjoying its flavor and possibly commenting on the condiments that were used in its preparation, letting the magical touch that balances all the flavors go unnoticed, which is sometimes achieved with just adding a pinch of SALT.

photo of salt on white surface

We ourselves are like that pinch of salt that balances the lives of many people around us, although sometimes that pinch of salt goes unnoticed, and its presence is not noticed until it is absent. Each one of us that exists in the universe of life are unique and irreplaceable with virtues and imperfections, but with a pure Spirit that knows the truth of all things that is why it is important that we learn to govern ourselves, let it be our own spirit that guides our steps through the path of life.

person seasoning green beans with salt

If at any time we find ourselves going through difficult times, with adverse feelings of sadness, depression or wrong thoughts that can make us think that we are not valuable to anyone. Let us remember that we are the salt that flavors the world around us, special beings of immeasurable value with the ability to love, reflect and correct the mistakes we have made. Because we exist to be happy. Love exists so that we learn to find joy in everything we do. Not to die of love, nor to become sea foam that vanishes with the wind, but rather to recognize that we are the very concentration of the salt that gives flavor to our lives. Let us strive to be happy with ourselves so that we can live eternally in the hearts of all those who love us with the strength and immensity of the waters of the sea.


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