clear glass bottle with liquid

There have been many who throughout history have written about the tireless search for the Elixir of Life that can result in Eternal Youth. Pirates, philosophers, alchemists, scientists, and devout believers have made great chemical discoveries trying to create the exact potion that will extend the life of the human being; or they have embarked on the earthly search that will take them to the exact place where the long-awaited treasure is found.

close up of bottle pouring water on glass

The many tales or stories that I have read about it visualize that potion created by the gods as a magical liquid, capable of restoring youth to whoever drinks it. Being a child who lived in an imaginary world with the power to conquer any chimera, I visualized it as a colorless, tasteless, and odorless liquid, perfectly preserved and unchanged through all time in a tiny blue glass bottle. Hidden in the center of a volcano crater, where the light of the sun that reflected on the moon illuminated it every night.

In my adolescence I changed the visualization of the elixir of life, when I began to write my book entitled “El Aguanima de Petén”. I also changed its location based on the stories I heard as a child about the Mayan treasures that existed in the heart of the Petenera jungle in Guatemala. So, mixing reality with fantasy, the elixir of life became an oil extracted from the fruit of the tree of life, which grew far from the Garden of Eden through a seed that Lucifer stole, before Jehovah guarded it with cherubim and a flaming sword.

selective focus photo of bottle with cork lid

There are many paths that have been traveled in search of the elixir of life. There are many descriptions of such a magical potion. There are countless aspirations and dreams of greatness that are formed with the thought that one can possess such a longed-for treasure. Over the years as I grew into an adult who continues to be immersed in a merged world, where reality and fantasy emerge to give life to a world of dreams, I have discovered that there is ETERNITY in our LIFE.

My secret formula, revealed on this day to create the Elixir of Life, where the main ingredient that gives strength and consistency to the center of the soul itself, is called RENEWAL. Because the body rejuvenates when it renews itself after being hurt. Because renewing yourself after having faced adversity is essential to clarify feelings as an old rag is transformed into a beautiful pillowcase on which our dreams rest. Renewal brings consistency of character to strengthen us in our weaknesses.

close up photo of white and yellow flower near glass bottle

The second ingredient is LAUGHTER, because laughter detoxifies the atrophied muscles of the body, eliminates inappropriate thoughts, erases adverse feelings and is the music that our brain needs to hear. Laughter rejuvenates our faces through the joy that lights up our eyes.

ACCEPTANCE is the third ingredient on my list. Accept that everything has a beginning and an end. Accept ourselves as we are. Accept that with Faith, Conviction and Perseverance we can change our vain attitudes or correct our mistakes so that our state of mind rejuvenates to new opportunities.

EMPATHY is the fourth ingredient, as it allows us to give and receive everything good that exists in our lives. Through service, new emotions are born and those that are dormant are renewed. Giving us the opportunity to rejuvenate those emotions that we considered lost.

purple flowers beside clear glass bottle

One more ingredient in my personal secret formula. The ingredient that balances all the others. It is the most extraordinary, complex, and sometimes difficult to find ingredient. But it has the ability to strengthen each of the organs of our body, because its nature is the essence of life itself and must be placed with all the necessary precautions for the Elixir of Life formula to work. Since it is a perfect combination of LOVE, FAITH, AND HOPE. This final ingredient has the ability to rejuvenate our bodies, renewing them to Eternal Life.

The fifth ingredient is “BELIEVE”. Believe in ourselves. Believing that life is just a moment and therefore you have to treasure it to live it well. Believe that families are eternal. To believe in Jesus Christ who is the living water of an eternal source with the power to quench forever the thirst of those who drink it. Because Jesus Christ himself is the Source of Eternal Youth and the ELIXIR OF LIFE.



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