NORA-01The sound of the wind mixes with your laughter like the musical notes that brighten my life. Your face shines like the morning dew when illuminated by the sun. I see you run, jump, and dance to the beat of your favorite song that melodiously comes out of your lips.

With the joviality of your years, you tenderly take my hands inviting me to enjoy your company. My heart overflows with joy because you are a fundamental and essential part of my life. My thoughts focus on the beauty of your face, while a sigh that is born in the depths of my heart escapes from my lips.

ANA-08Sunlight illuminates our surroundings. The field is green colored by multiple flowers of dazzling colors. I smile because of the certainty that I know that you are an extension of my own existence. The aroma of your skin evokes my memories making me see you as a playful and mischievous child who sticks to my heart with crazy emotion.

What a beautiful feeling to feel the strength of your hug. My eyes sparkle when they are illuminated by your gaze. Together we laugh spontaneously, running hand in hand through the field. From time to time we stop to inhale the aroma of the flowers, letting ourselves be intoxicated by the happiness that surrounds us.

Without time or schedule, I want to make this moment eternal, but your hand separates from mine. And suddenly I’m static, motionless; while you keep running away from me, following a path that leads to the sky. I do not understand what I feel and looking towards the sky I seek to restrain the fear that I have. While you slowly fade far away from me.

NORA-05I scream your name feeling the moisture on my face, because my tears fall to the ground. Everything darkens around me. Then I hear your voice echoing through my room, pounding inside my brain. I open my eyes and I think I hear your voice softly telling me “I love you mommy”.

Then I stand up, trying hard not to fall to the ground. Devastated by the absence of your presence. Striving to obtain a worn fortress that is slowly fading since your departure. Then I clean my face placing a smile on my lips, to forget that I have woken up crying again, feeling how my heart misses you, my son. Without knowing how many more days I will WAKE UP CRYING again.


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