JOSE-01The Bible does not mention how old Joseph was when he married Mary. Nor when Jesus was born. It doesn’t even mention how old he was when he died. In fact, very little was written about Joseph despite the fact that his presence as husband, head of the family and the putative father of Jesus Christ was transcendental in God’s plans.

There are many books that assume different scenarios regarding Joseph’s life, but none contain the true story of his life. However, we do know that he was a descendant of King David and that a heavenly messenger visited him in a dream, telling him not to be afraid to marry Mary. And Joseph ACCEPTED his role as husband of Mary and the earthly father of Jesus Christ, from there we can denote the humble character and the benignity of his feelings.

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Joseph did not become known in history as the adoptive father of Jesus Christ, but as the HUSBAND of Mary, the mother of God. Which we could say is an unattractive title for a man with royal lineage, who was fair, hard-working, brave, and who knew how to be a true father to his son. Because it is logical to think that Jesus in his childhood must have loved him as his true father. Regardless of the fact that over time his spiritual mind awakened to the knowledge that he was a son of God.

In the midst of his poverty, Joseph provided everything necessary for Jesus to be born in the best place available and it is possible to discern that he suffered with Mary at the time of childbirth. Despite having a job and a stable position in his land; Joseph wandered as a fugitive, willing to live in strange lands to protect the life of his son. Knowing that Jesus was the son of God, it is most likely that Joseph overflowed in his paternal feelings to the point of loving him as if he were his own son. Jesus Christ is known for his carpenter’s trade, which he must have learned directly from Joseph… His earthly father.

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Sometimes I have thought that if Joseph had not died and he had been present in the days of the martyrdom of Jesus Christ as Mary was; the Father’s Day would be celebrated equally with the same reverence that Mother’s Day is. Because surely the many occasions that Joseph had tried to defend his son would have been written, or perhaps Joseph would have died at the same time as Jesus trying to save his life. And perhaps, that was one of the reasons that Joseph was not present to support Jesus during his ministry.

So, we can see that there are many occasions in which the various functions and contributions of parents in the family or social nucleus go unnoticed. However, there are many men who are content to live in the anonymity of the recognition of their transcendental work as PARENTS. Feeling satisfied with themselves knowing that they are good providers of their homes.

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The paradigm that “MEN DON’T CRY” is already in the past. Especially when wives claim that young or adult men cry more than children. This has allowed the image of the rude and uncompromising man to change to a new image as a tender, affectionate, protective, playful father who takes the time necessary to care for and enjoy his family. Accepting that the superhero dad gets hurt, he gets calluses on his hands, his feet hurt, he suffers from sunstroke and that he is not indestructible because he also “DIES”.

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On the other hand, it should be noted that the popular marketing of stores has made a great effort to achieve equality between the celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But despite all their efforts, the difference is still very noticeable every time they take inventory of the sales made during those days. The possible cause could be that parents are not really interested in getting physical gifts, EVEN THOUGH IT FEELS NICE TO RECEIVE THEM. Because they are more interested in receiving respect, love, obedience and the constant support from their wife and children as they unfold in their role as heads of families or the patriarchs of their homes. Not minding that they are living in the anonymity of not being one hundred percent recognized as PARENTS, but instead living with the satisfaction of knowing that they give the best of themselves in everything they do,

                                                             HAPPY FATHER’S DAY…


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