NORA-01At the moment that Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit; they opened their minds to the knowledge of the arts, science, discovery, wisdom, the freedom to choose between good and evil, bringing about the consequence that their immortal bodies were transformed into a mortal and temporary state of life. In other words, they allowed death to become a part of their lives.

Lucifer had cunningly told them that by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge, of good and evil, they would not die; but would become like gods by knowing good and evil. He did indeed tell them a half-truth because they did not die instantly from eating the forbidden fruit. But they began to age in such a way that over time they would experience physical death. They also began to be their own agents, destined to work hard to provide themselves with everything they might need.

NORA-05Despite how hard it might seem to start surviving in a world where they didn’t have a house to live in, tools to farm or hunt animals to eat, clothing suitable for each season of the year, shoes to cover their bare feet, a doctor to heal their wounds, medicine to cure their illnesses, drinking water at hand, no comfort that would allow them to have a relaxed and trouble-free life; they brought to this world the greatest joy that can be experienced as a human being, by procreating children that fill our personal universe with happiness.

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord”, whether they are blood or adopted. Because there is no difference when we have them in our arms. The tender and wonderful look of a baby, its smile, its gestures, its crying together with his need to be loved, protected, and guided, is what fills our hearts with love.

NORA-02The satisfaction of seeing them grow, achieve their goals, pursue their dreams, and develop until they can form their own families has made us wish on some occasion not to die and live forever in this world together with all our loved ones. The longing to feel the need for the rose from mom’s hands, to listen to dad’s wise advice, to cuddle in the warm arms of a sibling in an overwhelming, confusing, or troubled time can also result in the desire to want to live forever in this world.

Throughout the history of this world, there have been many people who have felt the desire to see their dead relatives again. Obsessing with a need that has driven them to seek the necessary means to seek and speak with their dead. The Bible teaches us that it is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord to seek the necessary means to speak with the dead and to want to bring their spirits back to see them.

NORA-03I’ll never forget you! I will never stop loving you! You will forever live in my memory! These are some of the most emotional, powerful, and significant phrases that a human being can express when experiencing the departure of a loved one. And even if there is the knowledge, belief or hope that one day we will meet them again, the pain of temporary separation due to natural death or an accident is so strong that it can break the heart of the living like a two-edged sword that cuts through it mercilessly.

When a loved one dies, it is when the joy of his existence becomes an incessant traumatic pain that can accompany us throughout our lives, repeatedly lacerating the heart of those who are suffering. When we live with a pain embedded in the soul, our thoughts can become weak, our emotions confused, our feelings numb and without realizing it we let sadness limit our ability to express ourselves; to accept, recover, and coexist with the environment that surrounds us. It also limits our ability to love and be loved.  Also, the ability to experience joy, happiness or full joy throughout our lives is limited

NORA-04in such a way that we forget that love is an eternal feeling that unites us through time and distance. Sometimes we temporarily forget that human beings have the ability to overcome the pain caused by the death of a loved one in order to continue living in this world without them. Death is simply a process that we must go through in order to reclaim the immortality of our physical bodies so that we can be reunited with all our departed loved ones when Jehovah returns to this world in all his glory.

Some people may find that difficult to accept because they don’t believe in God; but they can develop faith or a hope that love holds us together and that it is out of love that one day we will meet them again. As long as we continue in this world, we should strive to be good people and take care of our physical health, especially our hearts.

white and orange wooden heart dream quote decor lot

Because the HEART is the center of our corporeal universe, where the SPIRIT can merge with the SOUL. The place where all our dreams, desires and aspirations are born; where they grow and reproduce. The heart is the only place on this world where the dead meet with the living to talk, enjoy and continue loving each other safely. Because it is there where all of them will live forever since “FAMILIES ARE FOREVER.”

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