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How many of you can define “WILL”? Because for me it is a total confusion to want to find the correct definition. “WILL” can be an affirmation, denial, noun, verb, question, answer, expression of admiration or simply the absolute truth of BEING.

“WILL” can contain a variety of synonyms and hidden thoughts in the minds or hearts of people who use it in a spontaneously planned conversation. In the same way it can be used to try to discover the great questions of life: Will there be a tomorrow? Will everything happen the way I expect it to? Will there be life after of death? Will God be among us? Will I be happy one day?

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It can also be used to express doubt, or admiration; indefinitely between questioning or an affirmation: Will it be you! It will be what happens! Will I be doing the right thing! It will be what it is! Will it be what it was! Will you be what you want to be!

So, from a different perspective, defining “WILL” is like trying to define the essence of a human being cloistered between his thoughts and actions, because we will never be able to accurately discern or predict the feelings or reactions of a person to an external stimulus that makes it an act out of inertia or conviction.

Will I get sad because I want to be unhappy?

Will I wake up singing because I love to live?

Will it be that tomorrow, I’ll be a better person than I am today?

Will it be that tomorrow, I’ll have time to enjoy my family?

Will it be that tomorrow, I will be able to organize my time in a better way?

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In this way, I can continue writing questions in the future tense that express my wishes, desires, dreams, aspirations, convictions, or realities that appear or disappear in this sphere of time.

Will it be, Will it be, Will it be, Will it be, will it be… etc.

As long as there is existence, there will always be a “WILL” that tries to describe what we are, what we are worth, what we believe and what we feel. Human nature can be confusing and complicated, because on many occasions we are thinking about what we lack. At other times, we are living our lives in a hurry. At other times, we are working hard to get what we have always wanted.

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At other times we are wanting to experience amazing things or wanting to have it all to ourselves at the same time. In the past, the world was subjected to different pandemics, wars, atmospheric calamities, or natural disasters. In the present, we have had to live and experience these situations. Possibly in the future they will be repeated, but we will not be the ones who will be here to face them; in the future it will be the new generations who will live these experiences.

Will it be that when I am a teenager, I will be able to live without norms or rules? Will it be that when I am an adult, I will be able to raise good children? Will it be that when I am old, I will finally be able to enjoy my life without problems to continue living from the fruit of my work?

Sometimes we have too many “WILL”s in our lives, which limit our perspectives on how to live in the present. We forget that happiness is fleeting and that we have to take advantage of it when it shows up in our lives.

close up photo of a dirty timepiece

There are times when we lose sight of the fact that the world was created for human beings to have joy and not for us to complicate our existence. Let us learn to face problems with courage, to suffer with patience, to serve with love, to find joy in happy moments without thinking too much about the future.

If the world changes, let us change too. But without ceasing to live in the present time because tomorrow, WILL BE UNPREDICTABLE…


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