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How difficult it is to open my eyes in front of the mirror of life, feeling trapped in an unreal world of fantasy. How afraid I am to see the reality that crashes against my chest, clouding my senses, as I face the cruelty of the world in which I live.

My face grimaces as my mouth tries to hold on to a smile. I am far from the present time that silences freedom of expression. Pressing down on me in the pain of not being able to scream and beg for mercy, while the sky fills with lights that herald death.

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My brain is a dream factory that works actively while I sleep, transporting me to stolen tranquility because peace has been slaughtered. However, I temporarily feel happy again because I have crossed the portal of past dreams, where all the good memories were forgotten.

The terrible circumstances that surround me have forced me to live hidden in the rubble, afraid to express what I feel. Observing desolation at every step I take; I would like to let my desires fly to keep all the beings I love with me. But the capricious and heartless future snatches them from my side, turning them into dust that the wind blows.

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Dissolved is my life and drowned my lament. Where the infernal roar of many bullets pierces the souls of all those who crack when their bones break. My eyes are dry because they have run out of tears, trying to return to a past life where my happiness was cut short. I would like to be powerful; to release the freedom that is ruthlessly muzzled by the cruel ignorance of the one who does not feel or respect anything.

Many are the creators of good wishes. Few are the doers of the good word and greater are the destroyers who snatch dreams made with silver threads. My conscience is calm but my subconscious yells at me “You are also a builder of good wishes that lead to nothing.”

IMG_0659Then my being groans, cries and screams when facing reality, where death has a party between rattles. Directly attacking the disdain of the nobles who hide behind an armchair, because the heart of the innocent is dying, knowing that it is the only key that opens the portal of dreams.

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