IMAGEN-01From a very young age I began doing different jobs. I think I was around five years old when I asked my father to buy me a shoe polishing box, because I wanted to start working and earn my own money. I was very happy when my father gave me my little box to shine shoes. So, I developed the job of a shiner for several weeks during which I was very successful, until the older shiners kicked me out of the central park of my town, since they got angry when they observed how people preferred to queue and wait for me to shine the shoes. I think that happened because of my age, since seeing me so small people felt motivated to give me their shoes so that I could shine them.

Later, many different trades followed, one of which was working in financial remuneration. Until one day while watching my father work, my eyes discovered what for me became the most extraordinary invention that human beings have been able to create. I was so absorbed that I suddenly felt as if I were immersing myself inside the photograph I was looking at.

IMAGEN-02My father was a merchant, but in the town, he was better known for his job as a bucket photographer. That was the descriptive term due to the fact that the photographs were taken with a box camera and after being developed, they were immersed in a bucket full of water to eliminate the residues of the chemicals used in the process of revealing and fixing the image.

I was perhaps around twelve years old when my father officially introduces me on the job of photography.  For more than two years I was learning in different places, and I learned different photography techniques. Since then, I can spend long hours looking at various photographs, appreciating its artistic contribution, the technique used, the development of its’ colors; but above all these aspects, the feeling embodied in each one of them.

Photographs hold memories of past events and can even convey future events that have not unfolded yet. Photographs show when people play with their imaginations and create optical illusions of what they hope to achieve in their lives.

If we read the history of photography, we will discover very interesting aspects of it. Aspects perhaps unknown to us about capturing the image through light on a piece of paper. For me, being a photographer is more than just a hobby or a profession. For me, photography is science and knowledge. Perhaps there are people who find it irrelevant to want to know the history of photography because it is so common today. Something that can be produced in large quantities at amazing speeds. Something that can be stored for many years in electronic devices and transported to various places in a matter of seconds without requiring significant effort.

IMAGEN-03But beyond the centuries that have passed since photography was invented and the entire processes developed to improve it over time, there is another type of photography that has been developed and kept hidden from the sight of human beings; the images captured in time through electric-energy discharges of the human body.

Our brain stores all the events of our life and many of them are stored as photographs through which we can often remember, in detail, the scenes of our activities during the years we have lived. When we remember anecdotes or lived experiences, we can also re-feel the emotions experienced or the feelings we had developed in the past.

There are times when our brain blends perfectly with our spirit, bringing all our emotions into harmony. In such a way that it creates a small prismatic disorder in our visual sense. Giving us as a result the ability to reveal those electrical-energetic discharges embodied in specific places in our home, office, school, or places that we are visiting. So, we can believe that we are seeing ghosts around us when in reality we are observing images of the past.

If we look at a photo album carefully. Putting our total concentration on the images, the details, the actions, and the colors, we will be able to instantly bring to our present the feelings trapped as part of the memories in the photographs; the sensations or emotions experienced that will make us relive what happened in the past of those photographs.

IMAGEN-04In the same way, if we had the skill to harmonize with the environment that surrounds us, we could see the photographs captured in time of our loved ones who have already departed. We could see the executed actions of our ancestors. We could see images of ourselves in our childhood. Perhaps this will be interesting for you, because many of us would like to see again, even for a moment, the loved ones who have already passed away.

However, looking at the images of the past can be more painful than productive. Because the past is intimately linked to loneliness, nostalgia, sadness, dissatisfaction, and the desire to want to retain what we no longer have.

The past can help us to reflect, but not to live, because the past is already dead and although actions are preserved in time, they are only images that cannot be changed. And even if we are able to observe them, we cannot touch them. That is why the images of the past are photographs that remain hidden from the human eye, where they cannot harm the heart.

IMAGEN-05Photographs are memories, they are experiences, they are anecdotes, they are treasures over time that must be kept, because day by day, they also become images of our past and must remain in the past. So, the next time we take a picture, let’s not worry about capturing predetermined smiles. Neither the perfect pose. We better concentrate on spontaneously capturing our actions to live our present with intensity, with happiness; with the desire to overcome our fears, making use of the freedom we have to love and be loved. In such a way that our images of the past will transmit HAPPINESS.

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