OTONO-52There are times when love hurts… It hurts the soul. That pain is felt in the heart and physically causes pain to the body. Each of the internal organs that make us sensitive to emotions hurt. It hurts so much that, when expressing it with tears, our tears turn bitter. Especially when we are not authentic in how we give or receive LOVE.

NORA-04Alicia was trapped by a lie that emerged many years ago; from which she could not escape without causing a whirlwind of pain in Nora. Alicia had walked away from everything that could rob her of the happiness of having Nora as her daughter, but she made the mistake of keeping the past alive in her memory and in her life by continuing to maintain a friendship with Eduardo’s mother. However, she justified herself by thinking that she had done Susana a favor by helping her raise one of her daughter’s twins. Her mother’s love for Nora was true, regardless of the fact that she was not Nora’s biological mother, for which she was willing to allow Eduardo to marry her daughter. So, Alicia just kept quiet.

NORA-03Nora’s character was a bit introverted, which totally contrasted with Ana’s character. Due to the various extrasensory experiences that Nora had lived since she was a child, like being mentally linked to a sister that she did not know, Nora had become shy. The confusion caused in her mind by the dreams she experienced at night had prevented her from having a relationship with a boy, despite having many suitors because of her undeniable beauty. Nora was identical in tastes, attitudes, and gestures to her sister, Ana, and her personality could be summed up in a single word “Sweetness”.

It was not difficult for Nora to fall totally in love with Eduardo since she began to love him in silence since Eduardo filled Ana’s heart with love. Regardless of the fact that she did not know him physically, Nora shared Ana’s love for Eduardo as if they both lived with one heart.

NORA-02Eduardo visited Nora’s house every day. He always arrived smiling, loaded with many details that fueled the love that Nora had for him. However, despite all the effort that Eduardo put into their relationship, it was inevitable that his eyes became clouded with the memory of Ana, making him feel great emotion. It was very difficult to define if it was love attached to a memory or the desire not to want to forget Ana when he felt that he was falling in love with Nora.

Eduardo did not understand why there were times when he felt in the dark by unconsciously evoking the emptiness that had existed in his heart since Ana died. Eduardo did not know why he relived unique moments lived with Ana, while he was with Nora. Like when he tenderly kissed her, inflamed by the aroma of roses from the perfume that Nora used, identical to Ana’s. Or when they walked hand in hand through the trees of a park at sunset, while the sun splendidly dyed the horizon with the colors of autumn, which since Ana’s death no longer had the fascination of spring.

NORA-05Every movement, every thought, every sigh that Eduardo had, were for Nora. Although some of his heartbeats still belonged to Ana. Eduardo was aware that his love for Nora was real. But he constantly tormented himself by wondering, how would he forget Ana? If he saw her reflected in his pupils every time, he caressed Nora’s face with his gaze. How could he forget Ana? If the electricity that ran through his body at the contact of his fingers with Nora’s skin ignited a spark of incomplete dreams for what had once been the love of his life.

One night while Eduardo was sleeping, he dreamed that Ana came to his bed, caressed his hair while sitting next to him and said, “Don’t suffer any more for me, my Eduardo. I am very happy where I am, and I want you to be happy where you are too. Don’t feel guilty about loving my sister, because somehow, I guided your steps towards her. I want to see you happy, free to live a new love. Be honest with yourself and with Nora, because only then will you have peace. Get rid of me and let me go. Be happy without me.” Then Ana kissed him on the forehead. Then, smiling, she walked to the door, where she paused for a moment. Raising her right arm, she placed two fingers on her lips to blow a kiss through time and distance to Eduardo.

NORA-01Then Eduardo woke up with his face totally wet from the torrent of tears that his eyes had shed. Without thinking, he screamed out loud, “I don’t know if I can live without you by my side, but I WILL LEARN! I will never be able to forget you, but I will learn that your memory does not hurt me!”

Then Eduardo cried intensely, trying to eliminate the confusion of feelings that lived in his heart. In this way he cleansed his soul, to deliver a pure, sincere, and honest love to Nora.

NORA-06At sunset the next day, Eduardo arrived at the university with a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. He headed towards the infirmary where Nora was doing her practice. He stood in front of the door waiting for Nora to finish her practice that day. When Nora came out, Eduardo approached her, kissed her, handed her the roses, and knelt before her while he extended his right arm holding a ring between his fingers. The sun’s rays reflected on his honey-colored eyes, the white color of his face contrasted with the pink of his lips, his black hair shone with resplendent sparks of light, while the sky turned red, and the wind enveloped them. both of them with a warm feeling that distanced them from the world around them, giving them the privacy of a moment where only the two of them existed. Creating a magical moment that was complemented when Eduardo tenderly, but with the powerful force of his guts asked, “Nora, do you want to marry me?”



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