Can you open your heart to life?

DUDA-04It’s 04:45 in the morning, and I don’t remember what day it is today? The alarm on my clock has sounded loudly, blasting in my ears. With great difficulty, I open my eyes and get out of bed. I start with my daily routine and get ready to go to work. My wife and daughters are still sleeping, so I try not to make too much noise while I blend my breakfast: a combination of oats, fruits, nuts, and soy milk. The noise that the blender motor produces breaks the silence that surrounds the kitchen. My eyes close in a fleeting blink and my mind disconnects from my body.

Feeling absolutely nothing, I consume my drink in an automated way. Then I wash the blender, the glass and clean the kitchen a bit. Then I go out into the street, lock the door, go to my car, open the door, and get behind the wheel. Then I notice that my work tools are missing, which is unusual, since I only take my tools out of my car on weekends. I quickly look for my phone and when I look at the screen, I discover that it is … SATURDAY!

IMG_0719My first reaction is anger, how could I be wrong? Why do I have the alarm active on a Saturday if I don’t have to go to work? Monday through Friday I wake up too early, always in a hurry, always sticking to my routine no matter if I’m tired. How could I do this to myself? Today I was able to sleep a little longer and let time pass without doing anything. Then I look at myself in the rear-view mirror and in a harsh voice I say, IMBECIL! You spoiled your weekend.

I immediately get out of the car and slam the door shut. I sigh deeply to try to calm my anger at myself. With my eyes closed I support my back on the car, tilting my head backwards slightly; I breathe deeply until I fill my lungs with air and while I am taking the air out of my lungs, I slowly open my eyes; to discover a sky completely covered with stars.

LUNA-02How weird? I don’t remember the last time when I saw the stars was. But I’m sure the stars have always been there. My eyes light up with its sparkle, while my dreams are reflected in my pupils. Wonderful! I can still observe some planets and redraw the constellations steeped in legends. What happened? Why, if I get up early almost every day, hadn’t I seen the stars before?

Suddenly the cold early morning wind caresses my face lightly, my skin bristles, my heart softens and my mind stops being in a HURRY. Again, I sigh calmly and let the memories come to my mind. The previous days have been very sad, I have said goodbye to some of my loved ones, who have left this world, but who remain alive in my memories. I raise my right hand and look at each of my fingers. My hand is empty! But not my HEART.

Then my eyes let out some tears because I have not had time to mourn my dead ones. Because I have not had time to share with the living. Because I have lived in too much of a hurry. Because I am so busy that I am letting my LIFE slip away.

ADILIA-04The lessons I have learned are of no use to me when I forget them. I learned a long time ago that you cannot live in a hurry. I learned a long time ago that the most important thing is family. I learned a long time ago that living together requires service, friendship, solidarity with our neighbors and friends.

I learned a long time ago that to live and be happy we must learn to open our hearts to life! Difficulties, sadness, pain, adversity, failures, challenges must be faced with joy because they are part of life. To succeed we must learn to slow down the pace of your life. To be happy we must learn to enjoy the light of the stars in the darkness of our problems.

Feeling calmer, I open the car door again, sit behind the wheel, look at my reflection in the rearview mirror and say, “Forgive me for calling you an idiot. I was confused, stressed by the pressure they exert on me… THE THINGS THAT BOTHER ME AND THE THINGS I CANNOT CONTROL. While all humans make mistakes, it is not a justification, it is reality! But we can also correct ourselves to start doing things correctly again. “

IMG_2193Smiling to myself, I get out of the car. I go back into the house. I head towards the bedroom, where my wife is already awake. She watches me and then asks, “Why did you get up so early, today is Saturday?”

With a wide smile on my face, I answer, “To live, enjoy and give the immense value that everything I have deserves, opening my heart to the LIFE.”



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