ROY-11Before attending Kindergarten, I had already learned to read, although it seems hard to believe that it was true. My mother had a business where she sold all kinds of books and magazines. The books included a wide variety of topics; love, fiction, romance, documentaries, history, politics, nature, science, and all kinds of picture books, which allowed me to enter a world full of fantasy, emotions, and knowledge.

ROY-09I spent long hours learning about the world, traveling through those magazines and books to many countries. Discovering its customs, its politics, its economic and social development, its best culinary dishes, it is natural and architectural landscapes. Through those books and magazines, I learned about scientific discoveries, different beliefs, myths, and realities. I learned about love, pain, joy, sadness, and the development of all human emotions exemplified through fictional soap opera characters or real people who displayed those emotions forcefully and without restriction in the written news.

ROY-07My love of reading turned me into a monster that devoured books and magazines, awakening in me, a passion for writing. This is how I began to write and develop themes of my own inspiration or based on real events that occurred through time and the experiences of real people that were part of my childhood world. Later, I began to write about the nightmares that haunted me every night or the paranormal experiences that occurred around me and that pushed me to experience depressive episodes that restricted my ability to interact with other children my age.

In my childhood, I preferred to converse with adults rather than share my time with other children. Since I could establish interesting and often precocious conversations, with too direct questions, that helped me satisfy my curiosity and desire to learn much more.

ROY-03As I have mentioned on other occasions, my mother instructed me to read the Bible. And ever since I began to read the stories in it, I strived to learn through meditation, and the constant search for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the meaning and application of all its teachings. Funny as it may sound, my desire to discover the underlying truth in all things arose after reading one of KALIMAN’s magazines. Because of that, I got into the habit of meditating; clinging to the famous phrase of this character that says, “He who controls the mind, controls everything.”

ROY-05Reading is essential for me because it is part of my lifestyle. My favorites are love stories, and since I was a child, I have read all the ones that have come my way. But among all of them there is only one that has impressed me so much to the degree of completely captivating my mind and heart. A love story that inspires me to believe that LOVE exists in such a way that it can be achieved, and that TRUE LOVE can be developed, cultivated, and shared without limits throughout the universe and eternity.

ROY-10Within the bible, in the book of Ruth chapter 1 verses 16 and 17 we read: “And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee:  for whither thou goest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God. Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: The Lord do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me. “

This part of the story implies resilience, sacrifice, conviction, devotion, loyalty, brotherhood, fidelity, and the unwavering disposition to be an active part in the life of another person, without the search for personal benefit or selfish interests that can cause division, pain. or sadness. Ruth decided to stay with her mother-in-law to live, suffer, believe, hope, and bear everything that might happen.

The Love that Ruth shows for her mother-in-law leads her to love everything that her mother-in-law loves, allowing her to discover her love for Jehovah, accepting it as an immovable part of all her actions and decisions.

ROY-04I believe in LOVE, which is full of romance, smiles, walks, fun and feelings that let us achieve happiness; as well as the willingness to sacrifice our own desires to achieve success as a couple, family, parents, or friends. But I also long to be able to develop in me TRUE LOVE. Because true love does not cause pain or suffering, it does not humiliate, it does not destroy, it does not demand, it does not judge, it does not yell, it does not limit, it does not require changes in personality or habits, it does not create dependency. True love gives us peace, constant joy, and respect even during arguments, comfort in the most difficult situations, understanding in moments of anger, strength in our sadness, raises our self-esteem and increases our capacity to love without limits in order to share forgiveness in abundance.

ROY-06True Love surpasses Love because it elevates us above our human flaws and imperfections, to give the best of ourselves without reservation, accepting that no one is perfect. It helps us discover, love, and accept Jehovah as the center of all our decisions, relationships, aspirations, and desires, making him the axis that moves OUR UNIVERSE.



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