When we are children, we generally want to experiment with new sensations, to try and discover the world around us. Exploring situations that in some cases are dangerous, without measuring our limits because we lack the necessary knowledge to be able to define fully what we do.

We generally respond to good or bad stimuli. Sometimes we simply follow directions from adults, although sometimes curiosity prompts us to do what our imaginations have developed in our minds.

And as we learn through experience, we begin to be a little more cautious when saying or choosing to do something.

I, for example, learned a long time ago that extremes are generally bad, because when we are extremists, we hardly get the results we seek in a satisfactory way.

Have you ever dipped your fingers in a bucket of ice? It may seem like a bit of a silly question to you because you might think that most people had did it. But what I really want is to note that the logical sensation is to feel a pleasant or funny cold when we do it for just a few seconds. However, if we keep our fingers immersed in the ice cube for a long time, the result will cease to be fun because we will get burns on the skin or severe irreversible damage depending on the time that our fingers remain immersed in the ice.

On the other hand, I also ask, have you ever stuck your fingers in the flames of a fire? This time the question could be considered sillier than the first; because you might think that most people would never stick their fingers in a flame of fire. However, we all use the heat that can be generated from a controlled, or regulated, flame to cook, protect ourselves from the cold, or to have fun around a campfire, fireplace, or barbecue. Of course, there are currently other methods to generate heat, but regardless of the heat source, if we expose ourselves too much or get too close to touching the heat source, the result will be that we will burn our skin or we will have severe irreversible damage.

Playing on ice is a lot of fun, but if you don’t have enough responsibility to take care when attempting to control the ice is used, accidents can occur that result in broken bones, broken teeth, bleeding on your hands or feet due to dryness caused by continuous exposure to cold.

Fire has been used throughout history as a fundamental part of human development, but when it is used in a careless way it has also generated great catastrophes around the world.

In a way we need Ice and Fire in our lives. Remember that ice is water and in its liquid state it represents life.

In other words, both Water and Fire used in small amounts and responsibly can bless our lives. Because if they are used without control in a negligent way and in great quantities, both water and fire can kill and destroy all the life around us.

In our lives we must learn to balance our tastes, desires, jobs, conflicts, feelings, emotions, relationships, physique, intellect, and thoughts in such a way that we are not living in extremes. Because everything we do, say or think can bless our lives or destroy us as human beings.

As we become aware of the need we have to relate to everything that surrounds us, we will learn to respect everything that exists on this earth. We will learn to enjoy every second that the clock ticks in our lives. We will learn to enjoy every good and bad situation that we experience. We will learn to live in an orderly manner, respecting the private lives of all other people. We will learn that it is better to live with the warmth of a spontaneously shared smile, than to suffer from the burns that leave us scarred for life for throwing ourselves into the extremes of Fire or Ice.


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