The definition of the word Mrs. according to the dictionary is: “Courtesy term used to address a woman whose name is unknown or does not want to be mentioned. It is also a term that is placed before the name or surname of a woman who enjoys authority from the position she holds or because she is married. “


Popularly speaking, the word Mrs. has many definitions, such as: A woman of a certain age, a woman who governs, a woman who owns something, a woman who has a husband, a woman who believes she is superior to other people.

The word Mrs. can also be used in a descriptive way to reference a big event, for example: Mrs. catastrophe, what has happened! Mrs. storm, the one who awaits us! Mrs. sorrowful the one I took with me when I received the news!

As we can see the word Mrs. can inspire, Respect, Authority, Power, Recognition, Possession, or “FEAR”.



For me the word Mrs. implies all that and much more; since I define the word Mrs. as an attribute of the woman who has been able to acquire it through personal experiences, which have helped her to mature on the path of life. To the degree of accepting and loving herself as she is, to walk every day with her head held high, no matter what people say. Because she has discovered that the word Mrs. is not an offense, but a title of nobility that she proudly wears on her head, to enjoy everything that surrounds her with freedom and the security that she can be HAPPY.

A woman becomes a Mrs. when she has learned to hide with a smile the pain or suffering that she has endured in her many years of life. And that with pride in her countenance, she lets the numbing glint of her eyes reveal her mature youth without restraint.



The difference between WOMAN AND Mrs. is expressed when the man she LOVES goes crazy with her confidence, mischief, and sensuality on her lips.

WOMEN, People will call you a Mrs. because you have learned to honestly say what each part of your body feels, without fear of expressing in words what feel and think.


Mrs. is you! When you show that you have learned to speak with movements and do not need to say words to express your feelings.


Mrs. is the woman who accepts her age and lives in the present tense with the security of being herself, without being a slave to criticism or complexes.



Mrs. is that woman who discovers a new passion with everything she does. New ways to have fun when cooking, studying, working, or taking care of her family. And that she gives with tenderness because she knows the strength with which she can LOVE thanks to the maturity of her years.



Mrs. it is the woman who owns herself, the one who governs her home with wisdom, the one who demonstrates dignity in all aspects of her life, the one who does not collapse from destructive criticism, the one who courageously defends her rights and stands up to a battle, one that apologizes for her mistakes, but does not allow her beliefs to be humiliated or disrespected with false reproaches.

 WOMEN, if someone calls you Mrs. do not be offended, do not be intimidated and do not be saddened. Because by calling you Mrs. you have been awarded a title of nobility.

BEAUTY is possessed by every woman who with full authority and without prejudice enjoys life because she has learned to be honest with herself …



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