There are different ways to say goodbye according to the circumstances, the time we will be separated, the place where we are at the time of the farewell. If we say goodbye to a family member, a friend or an acquaintance, it can also be a formal or informal farewell, such as: Goodbye, See You Soon, Take Care, Until Tomorrow, Catch You Later, Bye-Bye. And all forms of farewell cause a degree of pain, but there is only one way to say goodbye to a loved one when they physically leave our side forever. In addition to being painful, it implies implicit faith, love and hope embodied in each of its letters when we say goodbye repeating:

Until we meet again with Heavenly Father! ...

How heavy I feel my eyelids! How tired my eyes are from crying, running down my cheeks without being able to avoid it.

Does it seem that I am weak? Remembering your image, I would like to hear your voice again. Then I vehemently ask, where are you?

And the answer to my question hits my feelings, burning deep inside me, forcing me to scream! Then I only beg you, “Help me to remember every day of my life, your righteousness and Perseverance to hold them in my hand like a cane that holds me tightly as if it were your arm! On which I can support myself when temptation comes to look for me, so as not to stumble!”

Knowledge helps me endure and mitigate the pain I feel; to draw a smile on my face. While my eyes see you asleep, I bid you farewell with a look telling you, see you soon dad! Then again, I beg …

Let the innocence of your thoughts! Righteous and transparent flow like fresh water in my mind, to constantly wake up the fortress in me, when making right decisions.

And although the pain restricts my heart making me feel at times that you have left a great void around me because you are no longer physically by my side, you know that I NEVER can forget you, since your faith, humility and perseverance will fill my life. Also filling your empty space with LOVE regardless of the distance today that separates us.

I have so many memories shared with you and today that you have started to follow your path on the other side of the veil. What a fine transparent glass separates you from the world of the living. I pray to God, may the smile on your face not be erased from my mind and the memory of your example remains latent in my actions over time until…  I CAN FIND YOU AGAIN!




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