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 A la edad de 7 años me gustaba correr en el patio trasero de la casa de mis padres, donde había muchos árboles de gran tamaño.  A mi padre le gustaba sembrar árboles frutales y cosechar hortalizas. Recuerdo perfectamente que al final del patio había un árbol de jocotes, uno de marañón, uno de guayabas y allí también estaba mi árbol preferido, el más alto e imponente árbol de mangos que mis ojos de niño disfrutaban observar; cuyas ramas albergaban algunas enredaderas de güisquil, de loroco y de pashte (luffa o estropajo).



There are different ways to say goodbye according to the circumstances, the time we will be separated, the place where we are at the time of the farewell. If we say goodbye to a family member, a friend or an acquaintance, it can also be a formal or informal farewell, such as: Goodbye, See You Soon, Take Care, Until Tomorrow, Catch You Later, Bye-Bye. And all forms of farewell cause a degree of pain, but there is only one way to say goodbye to a loved one when they physically leave our side forever. In addition to being painful, it implies implicit faith, love and hope embodied in each of its letters when we say goodbye repeating:

Until we meet again with Heavenly Father! ...

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Columbus Day. Hispanic Heritage Day. Day of the Americas. Day of respect for Cultural Diversity. Day of Discovery.

In addition to the previous names I like would to add: Equality Day. Culture day.  Day of Celebration for Hispanic Traditions.

Every year in the month of October, we Hispanics, we venture to remember and celebrate our roots and places of origin. Representing our countries with pride, regardless of whether we have one, two, three, four or even five nationalities within our blood. Dressing in colors representative of the symbols of our nationalities; filling our environment with fun, and thus show the beauty that frames our homeland.

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