This is the definition of hope I like: Hope is anticipating and longing for the promised blessings of righteousness.  The scriptures often speak of hope as the anticipation of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Today as I looked towards the sky … And I felt that the wind that played with my hair was as cold as ice.

With my gaze fixed on infinity I was looking for consolation. Many days have passed, since you left and although I know that seeing you return is impossible, I carry your memory inside me.

Suddenly, something caught my attention. It shined so strangely. Its radiance was like the sun’s rays.

A faint murmur, it sailed with the wind and penetrated through all my senses. Until it reached my heart. And it’s so hard to describe what I felt; I do not know where to start; although it is enough to say that it hurt.


Without understanding why, I kept my eyes fixed to the sky trying to understand what it was? What it was that shined so intensely.

When suddenly, I saw the silhouette of a being that flew high, back to its Heavenly Home.

I did not know how to define my feelings! There was sadness in my heart, but my thoughts flew freely with the wind in a frenzy. I was full of emotion; trying to get to where you were walking on the clouds, so that even without saying anything you could hear my voice.

Suddenly, the clouds moved, and my eyes filled with confusion. So great was my astonishment that I was dumbfounded and could no longer breathe.

The doors of heaven opened. There stood smiling family and friends; their arms stretching out to welcome you. Showing you the way to go, where the angels sing praises to the God of the universe. I did not understand what they were singing, but their singing filled my agitated heart with peace, dispelling all the confusion in my mind.

What a sublime vision! What happiness! It gave me the power to repeat and shout to the four winds. “O death, where is thy sting?  O grave, where is thy victory?”; to be able to contemplate all the souls that walked back to their Creator.

Then what became of those tears of sorrow and fear. That before they fell from my eyes to the ground they were changed to tears of joy! They began to rise towards the sky, forming white clouds of warmness. Now there was joy in my heart! Seeing as parents, children and brothers emerged in an eternal embrace, free of sorrow and tears to live an eternal truth! All together again through the atonement! We will enjoy paradise in the millennium, because I know that with Jesus Christ, Glory can be achieved!






Photographs taken in Holy Land Experience (Orlando,Florida)


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