The dictionary has a great diversity of answers as meanings of the word magic, and most of them are related to hidden things of a dark nature contrary to natural laws. But after reading many stories and topics about it, I summarized the meaning of the word magic as the fascination caused by the enchanting nature of a thing that makes us forget reality through the ability to awaken feelings, with which we try to produce positive results in a situation. Through wisely manipulating the elements around us to enchant and produce the MAGIC OF LOVE.

There are many symbols that represent love or magic. When you live in Orlando, Florida, you can achieve a maximum level of magic exemplified and symbolized through children’s characters, amazing decorations, interactive games, exotic foods and drinks of fascinating flavor. Robotic science that transports you to different worlds with a single blink of your eye; all this only 20 minutes away. And no matter how many times I’ve gone to enjoy a whole magical world, I enjoy it with a lot of intensity.

When we fall in love there are strong chemical changes in our bodies and alterations in our senses. All because of the charm of beautiful eyes, a fascinating smile or a repetitive attitude that attracts us to another person; creating magic around us. Also, when we undertake a project in which we believe in fervently and strive to achieve our dreams, we produce magic by putting all our senses to work with the same objective.

On the other hand, I must say that it really does not matter where we live. It does not matter if we can visit an amusement park or not, because when we simply enjoy a day of rest or fun next to our loved ones sharing moments full of joy; we produce the strongest and most powerful magic of love. This magic helps us to establish unbreakable and eternal bonds, which hold us together forever through all times and from eternity to eternity. Because it is through this magic that we come to discover the secret of true love; which prevails and never dies through time. Because that kind of love keeps us alive forever in the hearts of all the beings we love and who know us. Thanks to this magic we are willing to share every day of our lives with our family. So, when we decide to adopt a symbol of happiness that reminds us how to produce MAGIC OF LOVE, we do not choose any object that is destroyed over time or that gives us temporary inner peace based on the fleeting emotions of our senses. Nor do we fall in love with a symbol that gives us love during the day and fades at nightfall; but wisely fall in love, enjoy and choose as a symbol of happiness to enjoy everything that man has created, something that has eternal value. Let us choose to be where the most powerful magic of the entire universe is produced at every moment, where understanding and acceptance must be the center of all things. That we choose that permanent sentimental bond where all our past memories can be reflected. Let us choose that real and true group where the magic of pure love is produced, cultivated and flourished every day of our lives. Because after all I believe that the most beautiful symbol that God has given us to represent eternal happiness is our own FAMILY.







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