In many occasions it is not necessary to think about tomorrow when it is enough to learn to live in the present without missing a single opportunity to serve and love.

Who moved the photograph? The photograph, that every morning when I woke up, I observed hanging on the wall; in front of my bed. The photograph, which reminded me of how happy I was! And how happy I want to be again!

Who moved the photograph? The photograph, where I’m seen smiling undeniably radiant with light in my eyes, reflecting the strength of my youth.

Who moved the photograph? The photograph, with which I used to talk to myself about my sorrows, my problems, my dissatisfactions or sadness.

Now, when I look at the empty wall, many memories crowd my mind. Memories of my childhood, like the time my father carried me on his shoulders; because I pretended to be tired or drowsy, but I felt very happy to travel in his arms. I also remember how I used to take my children on my shoulders when they were little.

What’s happening to me?

In my mind I can see that day, when I felt tired, because work overwhelmed me, and I got angry at home.

How bad I was!

Because, when my children ran to meet me, I rejected them! And I did not even allow them to give me a KISS.

I regret!

But TOMORROW when they come back from school, I will kiss them, read them a story and give them a lot of hugs; because I love them.

One moment! I am conflicted.

How will I do it? They have already grown up and have been living far away for a long time.

Now I remember, the many times I argued with my brothers.

I feel so sad!

Because I still do not speak to some of them, but tomorrow I’ll call them and tell them how much I love them!

I must do something!

I cannot continue here contemplating the empty wall. I must go out and look for the photograph. Tomorrow I will apologize to my wife because I got angry, for the time she stained and ruined my white shirt. I remember perfectly how I shouted at her. I did not speak to her for several days, because that shirt cost me a lot of money. I worked many hours to buy it! I even refused to celebrate our anniversary to not spend money. Because I really wanted to buy that shirt. But tomorrow, I will kiss her, I will ask her forgiveness, I will take her for a walk, and I will tell her how much I love her!

Everything is weird here!

Here are many people walking inside the house. But I do not hear what they are talking about. I will approach and ask: Who moved the photograph? The one that was taken when I was safe and confident on how to live my life!

My head it is hurting now.

Yes, it hurts like it did when as a child, as a teenager and even as an adult I was misbehaving with my mother. My head ached, because she scolded me, and I felt that I hated her. Now I remember that I have not called her, and I have not had time to visit her either.

I am behaving so bad!

The last time she called me, I did not have time to answer her. Now I feel the pain I caused with my mistakes in the past so great that it distresses my soul. My poor mother! How many tears did she shed because of me? Tomorrow, I’ll call her, and I’ll visit her by surprise. I’ll bring her a strawberry cake. Her favorite! I will also share with her all the afternoon until nightfall, I will tell her a story like when I was her little one and she lovingly spoiled ME.

The photograph!!! There it is!!! On a white table. But who moved the photograph? The photograph, where I see myself every day, like a memory lost in the distance.

What happened to me?

When was it, that I stopped enjoying everything? When was it, that I forgot to do all the things that I liked? When was it, that I started being selfish? When was it, that I forgot to serve others? When was it, that my face changed and stopped smiling? When was it, that I forgot to LIVE? Because, without realizing it, I lost myself; wrapped up in a different world. Full of haste. Too busy letting my dissatisfactions hurt me. Why did I vent my anger with everyone who was by my side? When was it, that I started to give value and importance to material things? Always worrying, because something could break or was being filled with dust. Screaming every time someone messed up the house.

When was it, that I forgot to respect the feelings of others?

I wish I could heal people’s hearts! Where I put hurtful words, damaged feelings and destroyed the emotions of the people I love. If only, I had known that material things do not feel.

Why did I speak with harsh words?

I confess! I did speak with harsh and offensive phrases that hurt or killed little by little the love of those who received them. Because those phrases carried poison and they stuck like thorns and poisonous darts in the hearts of those who received them. But TOMORROW I WILL CHANGE! And I will be better than all the previous days. I will strive to make those I love happy and to be a better friend, brother, son, neighbor, husband and father of the children that God has given me.

Yes! TOMORROW I will start again. And I will correct everything that is reflected in my mind. Now, what do I see! MY WHOLE LIFE, passing like a movie in front of my eyes. I have to say that I am SUFFERING for having forgotten to LIVE without complications.

Without realizing it, I have walked from my room to the living room, where there are many people.

Listen everyone! And answer! Who has moved the photograph? The photograph, which was hanging on the wall in my room and is now placed on the white table.

One moment! I do not understand! What’s going on?

Oh! My mind becomes clear, my eyes see with understanding, my brain understanding everything that is happening around me. Now, it does not matter who moved the photograph. Now, I understand why all my life has passed before my eyes in a fleeting way, I remember memory after memory.

It is not a table!

It is not white either!

They are white flowers! And it’s a coffin on which rests the photograph that was hanging in front of my bed. The photograph where I am smiling, mockingly telling me that for me, there will no longer be a TOMORROW.


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