Someone said that love is complicated and that there are several ways to love. Someone also said that sometimes love enters through the eyes to your heart. That is why there are times when nothing frees us from falling in love with pieces of modern clothing, whether or not they are thick, modest or light, bright colors, or subtly frame us with shades of gray. But they do not fit our bodies. So, we thought about solving the problem by losing weight, using shoes with thicker soles, using straps to tighten our waists, combining straps that fit our bodies to give a more symmetrical shape or simply sighing because NOTHING FITS US!

Since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, there was a need to wear a dress to cover their nakedness because they felt shame. Thus, throughout history there has been a prevailing need to protect our bodies from the inclemency of the weather or from restless looks.

Little by little, the clothes became more than a need to cover our bodies in a different style of dress. Meeting a greater need called “FASHION”. With fashion, the clothes stopped being long coats with wide sleeves; transforming itself into exclusive designs, inspired, designed and manufactured by fashion clothing professionals. The exclusive designs are extremely expensive, but as in all professions there are always different ways to have access to dress fashion. Thus, it is how the dressmakers and tailors emerged who are women and men specialized in making copies of the exclusive designs of magazines and television, faithfully copying the details and drawing the patterns through a single glance at the clothes, with the difference of an affordable price for everyone in general. In addition to copying fashionable styles; dressmakers and tailors also design exclusive clothes, which they put at their clients’ reach.

Although, no one knows with certainty where the art of making clothes with the weaving of threads and needles by hand originated; it is strictly necessary to mention that the art of crochet that developed greatly in France and England during the sixteenth century and it came to revolutionize the style of clothing by merging it with conventional fabrics. Creating dream designs for all those who manufactured or used them; especially in the middle and lower class who began to have the opportunity to make their own costumes. Knitted by hand by their mothers, sisters, aunts, neighbors, friends, dressmakers or a tailor who ventured into making crochet sweaters.

Currently the traditional crochet was replaced by fabulous machines that make the pieces of clothing in exorbitant quantities, to be used by all the public who get them at any clothing store. But there are still fashion professionals who have not lost interest or love for their profession and continue to create individual high fashion designs; for those people who have not lost interest in the pieces of art, which are made locally every day with love, dedication and dedication in each knitting stitch; creating exclusive masterpieces for each client.

ISA’S ARRANGEMENTS AND STITCHES, specializes in the production of clothing; combining traditional or modern fabrics, of a single color or of multicolored prints with crochet to make beautiful works of art, putting its eye on each thread that is wisely intertwined in the exact point to form a dream dress, which can be worn by the princesses of each home. They also dedicate themselves to making alterations in clothes, so that the next time the love for a piece of clothing enters your heart through the eyes, do not make mistakes when wanting to change your physical appearance to be able to dress in fashion; but you adjust the dress to the shape of your body. Because fashion is temporary and many will be those who copy their style; but the perfect silhouette belongs to those who are not afraid of being original and authentic facing the world, accepting and loving themselves as they are. After all, the Creator has woven with true love, each cell designed in you, AN EXCLUSIVE PIECE OF ART IN THIS WORLD!







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