In a motivational seminar that I taught, a person stood up and approached me. She approached me screaming, “How can I feel motivated?  If, every day that passes I get older?” Then she took off her wristwatch and smashed it against the ground, adding, “How can I stop the time?” I moved toward her, embracing her tightly. I said to her: “Feel free because when you break your watch you have freed yourself from the pressure exerted on you as you see how time goes with the light of day. Cry about everything you want.” I helped her to sit down and I smiled at her. After the seminar we talked. She shared everything she felt. I explained that we must learn to accept ourselves as we are at each stage of our life, to learn to enjoy and be grateful for each day lived because no one can stop the time!

How could time stop? When it drains your hands, like water that is left running because you cannot hold it.

How could time stop? When emotions begin to feel so real and undiluted, that it feels almost as powerful as a falling star that evaporates with the wind.

How could time stop? When it irreversibly leaves marks on your body, because the years fade between memories with tears of yours and mine.

How could time stop? When you are fragile and brittle, falling to the ground, because your perfect world is rapidly advancing towards the bounds you once found limitless.

How could time stop? When I close my eyes and start to daydream. If, everything around me inspires fear.

How could time stop? When you tell me that the sky is open, to let me see beyond the earthly life that creates within me the hope of an eternal world; although my reality is full of pain and suffering.

How do I stop the time? To avoid making my life full of autumn twilights, with shades of color in the sky slips and sneaks in front of the mirror.

To try to stop time would be like, to hold the world and prevent it from turning in its orbit, instead of letting it go, aimlessly, free in space.

To try to stop time would be like, to tell the sun to stop shining or to tell the moon to hide its beauty, showing day by day only the coldness of her dark face!

To try to stop time would be like, to live a constant lie, pretending that nothing exists, trying to convince myself that I live in an unreal world where happiness does not exist.

Wanting to stop time! It’s like going against every natural law, where everything that exists lives! Where it grows up, reproduces, and dies!

Wanting to stop time! It is denying every moment lived through time and would be like, to deny every moment of shared happiness next to the beings that I love the most.

Wanting to stop time! It is wanting to stop life itself that feeds on feelings, emotions, poems, hugs, kisses, caresses, music and songs. Wanting to stop time! It is like wanting to stop the beating of my heart that beats strongly to live in a world of ACCEPTANCE! where it is better to face reality and enjoy every moment to live; while my body still has the breath of life, because: NOBODY CAN STOP THE TIME!


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