Columbus Day. Hispanic Heritage Day. Day of the Americas. Day of respect for Cultural Diversity. Day of Discovery.

In addition to the previous names I like would to add: Equality Day. Culture day.  Day of Celebration for Hispanic Traditions.

Every year in the month of October, we Hispanics, we venture to remember and celebrate our roots and places of origin. Representing our countries with pride, regardless of whether we have one, two, three, four or even five nationalities within our blood. Dressing in colors representative of the symbols of our nationalities; filling our environment with fun, and thus show the beauty that frames our homeland.

Showing the world cultural diversity through our traditions; putting a festive flavor to each table with our typical dishes, which highlight the exceptional mix of unique seasonings in each region where they are made. To then offer them to anyone who wants to taste the Hispanic flavor of our meals, with joy in our faces and friendship in our hearts. We also dance with typical costumes full of colors sharing and celebrating with equality and unity of brothers.

I AM CHAPIN, of Mexican, Colombian, Venezuelan, Cuban, Peruvian, Panamanian, Honduran, Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, Brazilian, Chilean, Argentine, Dominican, Uruguayan, Bolivian, Paraguayan, Costa Rican customs; because I like to admire the beauty of each country, enjoy the unique flavor of its food, understand and speak the idioms of language without contradictions of meaning in each country. Without losing my cultural origin and love for GUATEMALA; Because in my heart an ETERNAL SPRING always blooms.

And what to say about this great nation: UNITED STATES AMERICANS, where we have had the privilege of meeting as emigrants. We have learned to love their culture, their food, and to enjoy their beauty, freedom and wealth. A privileged land to which we have come to contribute the best of ourselves, filling it with an exquisite folkloric richness inked in the accent that we provide when speaking the English language. Providing cadenced movements that Americans learn by dancing salsa, merengue, cumbia, punta, bachata, quebradita. The exquisite seasoning that we add when cooking or simply in the magical touch of color and beauty that we add to the white skin when we procreate Latin American children.

The Hispanic Heritage Day includes the three Americas. The day of Latin America includes some European countries that speak languages derived from Latin. So all together, no matter if they are fries with hamburger, old clothes, fish ceviche, mofongo, pavilion, tamales, pozole, pupusas, pork rinds with yucca, anticuchos, arepas, mondongo, ajiaco with

chicken, banana fufu with pork rind , cuban sandwich, huancaína potato, gallo pinto, arroz con leche, snail soup, indian old, nacatamal, tapioca, acaraje, humitas, malaya, roast, choripan, stewed meat, mole, chicken soup, chivito, la manioc, chipa guasú, surubí al horno, silpancho.

Celebrate cultural diversity, HAPPY HISPANIC HERITAGE DAY.













THANKS TO CHEF CECY’S GRILL for allowing me to use the photographs of the exquisite food they prepare.

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