We all live in a quickly altering world and that makes us vulnerable to suffer drastic changes in our lives. Because of this, the time we share with our children is invaluable because it fosters love, creates memories, establishes principles, helps develop good physical and mental health, organize the child’s feelings and lets them know that they are part of our lives. And our example will be a guide by which they will implement in their lives. And if circumstances by the will of God take them away from us, may we will feel satisfied that the time we were given in this world, we gave them the best of ourselves; especially if life takes them away at the young age of five.



The memory of your smile illuminates my heart; the golden color of your hair, bright like sunbeams, Cross the darkness of my memories! To give warmth to my soul, that even through time feels the pain of your loss.



It’s inevitable, thinking about the sound of your voice; sweet, mischevious, tender and full of love; that has been reflected in the sound of the echo and emptiness that the absence of Your presence has left me surrounded by.




My little one! Short was the time of your journey in this life. But invaluable! The love that grew for you in me. How adorable is the structure of your face! The light that remains in my eyes, seeks for you every day! There have been times, where I have searched for you in the blue of the sky!



Our love will never die! Because you and I will remain united through time and distance. Thus, when we meet again in the Heavenly Home we will unite in a strong embrace to together walk through eternity; although in this life, it cannot be done anymore!


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