I wrote this some time ago. I am posting it again; because some people have asked me to.   And, I want to add; that being a legal or illegal immigrant is often synonymous of rejection. If somebody  were to ask me to write about it; I could only say that it is a very broad topic. That the laws have been written for the benefit of all the citizens of each country and that therefore we must respect and be governed by the laws of the country where we live. But it is not up to us to judge the legality or illegality of anyone, because everyone has their own reasons and own circumstances to decide where they want to live.


Last night, while I saw the sky covered in multi colored lights, my eyes filled with tears and my mind with reminders as I prayed to the God of the universe, that someday I may also celebrate my own liberty.

 I live as a prisoner in this wonderful country, a great nation that preaches justice, equality and freedom yet binds me with heavy chains forged by humiliation and racial discrimination due to my origins.  This weight crushes me into keeping labor exploitation silent. Exploitation that becomes my prison door and forces me to work long days starting at dawn and ending when I can see no more.  I can’t face the suffering of not being an equal because everyone tells me I am an illegal alien.  I try to see past it, searching for hope because I am a child of God yet fearing defeat when I run into thick and long walls.  If I complain about my meager salary or the hard labor I am told that I have no rights, but I know this is not true because I work hard and help the economic and social development of this great country.  I believe the laws of this country were inspired by truth; nevertheless, I endure being hunted and treated like an animal because I am illegal.  I have a family to look after and I know that there a thousands of others like me who left behind parents, siblings, children, spouses and the land of our birth.  I know the pain of this farewell.  My heart ached when I said goodbye, walking steadily forward and not looking back for fear of crying.  I, like thousands of others, am looking for an ideal.  I have fought and risked my life to reach that dream that has made me a foreigner in the eyes of men, knowing that in the eyes of God we are all equal.

 So today, while on the streets there are parties, shouting and happiness I pray that someone will listen.  I plead for the justice of God and of the leaders of this great country.  Please STOP MODERN SLAVERY.  I want to exercise my human and natural right to live free.  I want to also be able to celebrate.  Meanwhile I will continue to suffer my Calvary in the form of slavery as a prisoner in this great nation called LIBERTY.



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  1. 👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻Muy lindo Luis … Dios te siga bendiciendo para que un día no muy lejano alcances esa LIBERTAD tan anhelada !!👏🙏🏻🙏🏻


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