What can you say to an ugly woman? This question made me feel tender. And I let myself see, that there is confusion in the person who sent it; because there are no ugly women. They all have their personal charm. In addition, the beauty of a woman may be emphasized in her character, way of being, way of life or physical appearance. But, above all things, the beauty of a woman is based radically on the attitude with which she faces and presents life; unfolding as Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Teacher, Sister and an infinity of other professions that she performs. Women, NEVER SEE YOURSELF AS UGLY, because you are divine creation of the God of the universe.


Force alive, strong and energetic!

Cruel and evil, but extremely beautiful.

Mud flower, lotus flower, cherry blossom;

That poisons every vein and kills, but sweetly

Everybody stares at you and yearns you.

Carnivorous creature thrown into the sea,

  treacherous and arrogant;

  but tell me, Woman! What muse would not want

for an instant, to possess your sight


Chimera distant or easy to reach;

Star possessing a brightness, which cannot be touched.

And now tell me Woman! But tell me,

Why can I not stop loving you?


For you could kill, steal and destroy;

  because which Eagle, that sets its glance on the prey;

You catch what you like, and you take away their freedom.

Beautiful more than a mermaid, singing cheerful and smiling,

Woman! to the world you light

As if you were a dream totally fulfilled.


What you give me? What have you given me?

I wonder; why? I feel so bad

Because just thinking about the brightness of your eyes

Longing in your arms I will always be.

Tell me; But tell me, Woman!

Why, can I not forget you?


What a spell! you have in your person, Woman!

that everyone who sees you falls in love.

Will it be? That despite what you appear

Everybody sees in your soul, something more …

Could it be? Woman! that it was finally discovered

  that you all, aphrodisiac goddesses are sweetness, love and friendship.


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