Sometimes, all we need is a little imagination to solve our problems; to feel happy, or to build realities with which we achieve success in. Everyone at some point in their life have imagined something; then managed to turn it into reality. With imagination have developed the wonderful animated characters who have shared our childhood. With imagination we have developed the greatest inventions of all times. With imagination, whole nations have been conquered. With imagination, humanity has broken many barriers. I would even dare say that with imagination, we make sense of our own life. When we are sad it is enough to imagine ourselves in a happy moment to feel better; but also, with a powerful imagination we may project ourselves towards a better future. In school we learned that the mind is powerful, capable of designing and creating a whole world around us. I have learned through experience: that if we develop our minds in an environment where there are no limits to our imagination, without losing a sense of reality, standing firm in our intellectual, moral and spiritual principles, we will be able to have success in our life. Don’t let the past trap you. Don’t let failure stop you. Don’t let negative comments hurt you. Strive to develop your ideas and smile to the hope of one day being happy; let touches of imagination illuminate your heart. And so, you become the light that brightens every day.


I’m going to ask the stars for a sign!  That will lead me to the vast terrain

of Never Land, I want to dance over the water with Peter Pan and

demonstrate that life is beautiful if we know how to dream and live it.

I’m going to fly, over cotton clouds! I’m going to sail, on cardboard boats!

I’m going to paint, the whole world with love! All this with Imagination!

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We all live in a quickly altering world and that makes us vulnerable to suffer drastic changes in our lives. Because of this, the time we share with our children is invaluable because it fosters love, creates memories, establishes principles, helps develop good physical and mental health, organize the child’s feelings and lets them know that they are part of our lives. And our example will be a guide by which they will implement in their lives. And if circumstances by the will of God take them away from us, may we will feel satisfied that the time we were given in this world, we gave them the best of ourselves; especially if life takes them away at the young age of five.



The memory of your smile illuminates my heart; the golden color of your hair, bright like sunbeams, Cross the darkness of my memories! To give warmth to my soul, that even through time feels the pain of your loss.


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During all the screams and pain the midwife said: “It’s a boy”, he will be a strong man. But no one knows what the child will have to face in life, whether it will be easy or difficult to cope, no one knows how many hits he will receive, nor does anyone know whether it will be a destiny’s toy at puberty or what kind of person he will become. But something is true that the child will have to fight to be a good father if he wants to achieve his happiness.

Many of my friends complain that Father’s Day goes almost unnoticed by their families. That in many occasions they are the ones who jokingly remind them. Some of them say that it is as if it did not have relevance because according to history the celebration of Mother’s Day is celebrated first, then the day of the child and at last the Father’s Day. Some of them believe that, due to the exemplified stereotype of the father figure as a rude, rough, strong man who is not afraid of fate, it is that he does not receive much attention, because it does not agree with his image.

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When God created Adam, He also created Eve so that together they could multiply and fill the earth with their children. God gave the woman formidable attributes, within which is the capacity of procreation that she has in her body, the physical and spiritual strength to be able to face all the hormonal, mental and corporal appearance changes that her maternal work entails, without affecting her ability to love each member of her family. Without woman, man would be lost; without the woman in this world there would be no progress or happiness. Women play a fundamental role in creation. Therefore, regardless of the age or appearance that she has, everybody must respect her, protect her, value her, love her for all of time and in all places; because in her journey in this world, she has given her youth and her soul for her loved ones.


Your youth! It has faded away like rose petals,

 that fade over time,

 since one by one, your rose petals have fallen;

 with the years you’ve lived.

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