During all the screams and pain the midwife said: “It’s a boy”, he will be a strong man. But no one knows what the child will have to face in life, whether it will be easy or difficult to cope, no one knows how many hits he will receive, nor does anyone know whether it will be a destiny’s toy at puberty or what kind of person he will become. But something is true that the child will have to fight to be a good father if he wants to achieve his happiness.

Many of my friends complain that Father’s Day goes almost unnoticed by their families. That in many occasions they are the ones who jokingly remind them. Some of them say that it is as if it did not have relevance because according to history the celebration of Mother’s Day is celebrated first, then the day of the child and at last the Father’s Day. Some of them believe that, due to the exemplified stereotype of the father figure as a rude, rough, strong man who is not afraid of fate, it is that he does not receive much attention, because it does not agree with his image.

Although currently, the modern father’s roll is totally different. Since he projects himself as a loving, attentive man, a gentleman, who dedicates himself to caring, to giving love; who can provide and protect his family without losing his masculinity. Including in their tasks and responsibilities help in the maintenance of the house, take care of your personal image, take care of your physical health through visiting the doctor and regularly attending the gym or doing sports activities to stay in shape.

Another particularity of the modern father is that currently; There are many men who, for different reasons, are raising their children alone as single parents. It is also to be noted that in ancient and modern times the father is the one who projects order and respect as head of the family. And it does not help that, within societal norms, success of children falls in the hands of the father. Because with phrases like: His father did not know how to educate …, His father was very hard with them …, His father was too easy with them …, His father led them to success …, They followed the example of their father …; society criticizes, judges and condemns men, forgetting that he is also capable of endure with emotions and feelings like any human being.

It is also of note that currently the families are constituted by different members responsible for the education of the children, but if we refer to the bible man and woman united in marriage are one before the laws of God then; Man and woman take equal responsibility in the education of their children.

But the truth is that despite how difficult it has been to reach to where he currently is, or how many times he has had to fight against fate or how many blows he has received; no matter the day the parents are celebrated, the important thing is to tell our father that we love him every day, learning to respect him and value everything he does. Because as children, we sometimes do not give him the real value that our father has and when he is no longer with us, we remember him with repetitive phrases like: My father used to say … My father taught me … My father would have solved it …, My Father took me for a walk … My father always bought me … My father always worked …, I would like to have my father again with me. And it’s not that I like to write about sad things, but, loneliness, lack of love, disinterest and sometimes contempt; they are more frequently manifested in ourselves by rebellion or negligence towards the being that has given us life when he is alive. But when he is no longer with us, nostalgia arises and a late love towards him. Then, without realizing we have lost the wonderful opportunity to enjoy his company, to listen to him and to acquire knowledge through him, about he knew how to stop being a destiny’s toy, to learn to govern himself in life. That’s why we must be aware of how much we love him and do what we can to see him happy before the time for him to leave arrives.


If you knew how it hurt to hear you say, I will not see you anymore!

If you knew how it hurt to know that you were going to leave!

If you knew how it hurt to think about the distance that will separate us!

No. I do not want to tell you Goodbye!

No. Why is life like that? Plays with our destiny and today you are leaving.


If you knew how it hurt to see you like that, you would not talk anymore!

If you knew that, like a glass when hit by a rock, My Heart was destroyed!

If you knew how much it hurt to remember, I would stop thinking of today!

No. I do not want to tell you Goodbye!

No. Why is life like that? Play with our destiny and today I see you leave.


If you knew how it hurt to feel this last kiss that you left in me

If you knew how many nights I cried for you, I am sure that would hurt you more

If you knew how much I wanted to scream, go away now! Do not suffer anymore! Please stop crying!

No. I do not want to tell you Goodbye!

No. Why is life like that? Play with our destiny and today it separated me from you.


If you knew that I prefer to look to the past; I would like to forget what I am observing!

If you knew how hard it is to see you cry when I want to remind you with a smile and nothing else!

If you knew that I did not want to say goodbye to you; but I know, that the farewells have an end!

No. I do not want to tell you Goodbye!

No. Why is life like that?  Plays with our destiny and you did not breathe anymore!

No. I do not want to say goodbye because I love you DAD!


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