IMAGEN-01As a child, I learned through observing photos, drawings, geographical charts and reading that we must learn to respect Mother Nature. We must learn to feel love for her and demonstrate that love by taking care of all the natural elements that exist around us.

NATURE-04Many years ago, while traveling on a public bus with my mother, I came across an impressively large mural at one of the bus stops. Considering that I was a small child, I thought the mural was really gigantic. I was so impressed with what the drawing expressed that my mind began to imagine what the future would be like if that mural became a reality for humanity.

The mural exemplified the devastation that had been caused to the planet due to deforestation. The consequences of living on a planet covered in desolation, without mighty rivers, without wildlife; with only smoke rising into the sky due to global warming that, little by little, ended human life on the planet. And at the end were some heartbreaking words, “Destruction and Death”. Next to it there was also something written that was similar to this: “When man cuts down the last tree on earth, that is when he will understand that Mother Nature is Dead.”

NATURE-03After that experience, I started to read books about the consequences of not taking care of our planet. I found many articles related to it, but there were many divided opinions. There were people who thought that the planet was so big that it would be difficult for resources to run out. And therefore, there was no adequate control to restrict the contamination of our planet. In addition, it was believed that many years would pass before the planet suffered any negative consequences due to the abuses that were committed by excessively producing products that were harmful to the environment.

Through the concern that arose in me to contribute to the care of the environment, more than forty years ago I wrote this poem called “FREEDOM”.

NATURE-05Forests and mountains I see death! Because man only thinks about building,

Cities of gold and silver that will be born! At the cost of a natural life.

People and animals, I see die! Because man only thinks about producing

Perfumes and colognes with an unparalleled aroma! Which they will sell at the cost of a natural life.

But we still have a hope, called Freedom!

Freedom to plant a tree in your city.

Let’s strengthen the forests, which will give us the air we need to breathe!

With dew drops your thirst will quench! And with its green branches, they will call for rain!

NATURE-06Hunger and misery I see grow! Pain and blood for the world to run,

Sad life passes when you suffer alone! Without a friend who offers you his friendship.

Natural catastrophes and human destruction I see grow! Pain and blood for the world to run.

Sad life happens when we don’t see the hungry for bread and friendship!

And when we close our ears to the lament of the one who suffers.

But we still have a hope, called Freedom!

Freedom to help the poor and afflicted in your city.

Let us strengthen our benevolent and charitable spirit! To help your city.

Let’s open our hearts! Put action into our words.

So that love does not die and thus saves the world in which we live


NATURE-07As a child, I could not define how many years were too long, but I still think that the approximately forty-five years that have passed since I had my encounter with the Still Life mural, is a short time compared to the ecological disasters that the planet has suffered. During the course of those years, someone told me that in the future we would end up seeing the different species of animals that existed on earth locked up in glass cases, where we could learn that they were all alive once and that life was taken from them as their natural habitats were destroyed.

NATURE-08Through the years I have tried to raise awareness that with things as simple as putting garbage in its proper place, we can make a big difference in the conservation of our planet. But opinions are always very divided since many people believe that to make a difference it would be necessary for all human beings to contribute together to the same purpose. But I believe that when we individually do the right thing by recycling, by cleaning, by disposing of chemical products in their assigned space for collection or simply by putting the garbage in its place, “YES WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE”; because it is less pollution for our planet.

NATURE-09I currently promote the switch to clean energy instead of continuing to use electric power. Since it is cheaper, it does not pollute the environment and it is an accessible source that is obtained directly from the sun’s rays. I have not been very successful, because I have received too much criticism or faced a lot of opposition because other companies have sold a wrong image of what clean energy production is through the sale of solar panels, offering promises that cannot be kept. Or telling half-truths.

NATURE-10I believe that the use of solar energy is very beneficial for the planet and although it is not free, it is cheaper than electricity. For this reason, I like to explain everything that the change process implies, so that there are no doubts and people can understand all the benefits and the good that together we can do for the environment. If anyone is interested, we can talk about it and although not all houses qualify to work with solar energy, LET’S NOT FORGET that there are other ways we can help conserve the natural life of our planet and one of the easiest to do is PLANTING A TREE IN YOUR CITY.



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