After three weeks of involuntary confinement due to having tested positive for COVID-19 and having been away from all my normal work activities, I am now fully recovered and ready to return to my usual tasks, I want to present my new book, “THE KING OF THE FARM.”

My new book tells the story of King, the main character who must face different habitual situations in his environment, which turn into conflict due to his personal way of dealing with his life challenges. The story is written in English and Spanish in the same book, to allow all members of each family who buy it the opportunity to read it in the language of their choice.


The plot is developed in the form of a FABLE but based on real events that occurred on the farm, where the ten stories that complete this collection of books were written; where different ways of thinking, acting, analyzing, and facing challenges are mixed, which affects the behavior of each character.

Someone told me that the first chapter seemed very childish, but the first chapter was written to place the reader in the environment of the farm and to show that, although the characters in the book are the different animals that live on it, each one has its own personality and that they can live in society and develop the necessary skills to face life on the farm.

As readers go deeper into the plot, they can discover the different life situations that we as human beings face, and discover the different consequences depending on the attitude, way of thinking and analyzing that is happens. Regardless of the fact that in the book these situations are being experienced by characters wrapped in a fable, it demonstrates that we are destined to find self-help by learning to know our strengths and weaknesses in regard to our emotions inherent to the human being.

The King of The Farm is the first book in a collection called, “Stories of Spirit horse At Windermere Equestrian Center.” That for many years was for me the place where I built my private paradise. Where all my wounds were healed, where my heart learned again to believe in love, friendship and the unbreakable union of affective ties that will remain forever. In Spirit Horse at Windermere Equestrian Center, I regained the smile and the security of feeling a part of something important.


So, I invite you to buy and read “The King of The Farm” and discover that no matter how difficult the obstacles we are facing in our life, we can always find a solution to our problems, if we cling to life, we develop faith, character and we act with a positive attitude, even in the midst of pain and tragedy.




So, for me it is a privilege to introduce to you, THE KING OF THE FARM.






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