Have you ever imagined, how it would feel to live in a silent world? I think that more than one of us has experienced the desire of wanting to silence people, so that they would stop talking or stop listening to the noise around them, as we have also forgotten the value that family has, the health of our body, the time we share with our loved ones. People who have lost one of their senses have learned to sharpen the others they possess and feel more with the heart, which allows them to perceive the world from a more human perspective, valuing everything they have around them. If each human being learned to recognize that everything around us has a divine origin and we learned to give thanks every day for the privilege of living and loving everything we do and have, we could hear all the sounds around us with joy and gratitude.

So beautiful!      Is the movement of the water, when I touch it with the tip of my finger; circles that open and grow away from me.

How weird!      It is to be able to feel the cold wind, which blows through the trees.

How fascinating!      Is the gray color of the clouds, which indicate the proximity of the rain, which falls a distance in front of me.

Sitting on the shore of the lake, I can see people hurriedly collecting everything to leave; while I calmly lean on the grass and let my right arm fall slowly on the water’s lake and then submerge to touch the sand at the bottom. My fingers caress the sand and the sensation of the small granules between my fingers make me feel happy!


My gaze, fixed to the sky, is interrupted by the flight of a butterfly, which enjoys being alive without haste and without fear, to the approaching rain. By carefully observing, I can express how beautiful the colors of its’ wings are, wings that shine with luminous sparkles by the reflection of the light that crosses them.

The sun having been hidden by black clouds, mixed with the smell of nature that fused with the cold wind that moved the leaves of the trees, dancing rhythmically with the water that shakes oh so turbulently, reflecting in my mind, sounds that cannot be heard.

I think that people do not want to get wet with the rain water, being wrapped in a world full of hurry, always watching the clock they carry in their hands or on their phones. Forgetting completely that time is free and never a prisoner, and for me, Worthless! They do not stop to live, feel, laugh and dream.

Children smile and enjoy the moment. Adults become angry because even though they run, they feel as though the rain caught them. The elderly slowly observe everything around them, being in no hurry to run. They are no longer in a rush.

The commotion vibrates the ground where I am, lying on the grass.

An ant, so tiny and small, makes me feel ticklish as it walks on my neck. Very gently, I take it between my fingers and place it on the plush grass.

Could it be that the time for me passes slowly?      Because I’m in no hurry to run away, to protect myself from the rain. Even as its first drops begin to touch my body.

Could it be that I like to see and hear the sound of the water hitting the ground?

Or could it be that despite all the years I’ve lived, I still yearn to be able to hear the sounds of the world, the laughter of children, the noise people walking, the song of the birds, the noise of cars I see, or the sound of people’s voices, that I love the most!

How would it feel, to be able to listen?

How would it feel to hear the sound of my own voice?

So many questions that could never be answered! Because I live in a SILENT WORLD, one where sound has never had the chance to create a single REMEMBRANCE.



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