There are times when tragedy and pain come together to create catastrophes in our lives; for situations that we cannot control, that literally get out of our hands. Cruel and painful moments force us to block our mind, making us feel totally devastated. Lost in total darkness, and without knowing who we are. Lost in an imaginary world where the pain we feel is so great, that we are unable to perceive what surrounds us or to feel any emotion. We are like automatons, lacking in will, lacking the desire to remain alive; totally blind to the reality we are facing. But when our senses are coordinated again with our mind and heart; then we see the reality that torments us, and our first reaction is to feel fear of the emptiness that traps our body, the loneliness that surrounds us, the helplessness that suddenly embraces us, and like children afraid of the future, we simply CRY! Fragile and alone we think we only have two options: letting ourselves be killed by pain or demonstrating our character and overcoming tragedy; struggling to keep living. Because what makes the difference in our life is not the fact that we have suffered, what makes the difference in our life is the value we give to everything we have learned together with our capacity to help each other and have happiness. To be free, sovereign and independent is akin to flying high like the Quetzal over the tragedies without ceasing to be human.



Forests and mountains, I see die! because man only thinks about building,

cities of gold and silver That will be born! at the cost of a natural life.

People and animals, I see die! because man only thinks about producing

Perfumes and colognes with an unparalleled aroma! which will sell at the cost of a natural life.

But we still have one hope, Freedom!

Freedom, to plant a tree in your city.

Let’s strengthen the forests, which give us the air we need to breathe!

With drops of dew your thirst will calm! and with its green branches, to the rain it WILL CALL!


Hunger and misery, I see growing! Pain and blood for the world to run,

Sad life happens When you suffer in solitude! Without a friend, who offers you his friendship.

Natural catastrophes and human destruction I see growing! Pain and blood for the world to run.

The sad life happens when we do not see the hunger for bread and friendship!

And when we close our ears to the lament of the ones who suffer.

But we still have one hope, Freedom!

Freedom to help the poor and afflicted in your city.

Strengthen our Benevolent and charitable spirit! To help in your city.

Let’s open our hearts! Putting action on our words;

so that love does not die and thus saves the world in which we live


Humans reacts immediately to tragedies. And the Guatemalans have shown the nobility of our hearts; being in solidarity with all those who are suffering. Still, it is beyond what our possibilities allow. Striving to provide help to those who are in need. But I should add that:     -Natural disasters will always exist and I believe that we must not wait for a tragedy to happen to help the needy; neither should we expect children to remain orphans and in solitude, to strengthen their lives and help them to study. Love of neighbor must exist all the time and if we have the possibility of helping by training and guiding those who want to improve their lives, let’s do it! Because progress only exists when we educate ourselves and each other to be self-sufficient and productive.



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