When we fall in love with someone we like; We are careful, striving to do everything that pleases the other person. Trying not to make mistakes that hurt our partner’s feelings. As human beings we are always yearning for what we do not have, that is why we fight have the love of the person we like returned, striving to reach their heart. For the possibility to be able to have them by our side. But when we have already achieved it, we are bound to make mistakes. We give more value to what we have lost than to what we have, even though in many occasions we are not even sure that it has really been ours. One of the main mistakes we make is that we stop caring about what our loved one likes, wants or needs. And we began to act as our brothers, uncles, parents, friends or neighbors would; forgetting to live our life to be a part of the life of the other. To live as a couple. With which we become copiers that after having conquered the love of the loved one, we dedicate ourselves to losing it day after day by our actions. Because without realizing it, we lose ourselves, by feeling frustrated or confused. And if we do not react in time we can lose the opportunity to be happy; because if we are not happy with ourselves we cannot make anyone else happy. All therefore by simply ceasing to be authentic and original.


I’m a copier! And I copy everything that I see

I’m a copier! Of dreams, delusions, triumphs and failures.

When will I learn! That love always hurts.

When will I understand! That to love you, I must be real

 and not just a faithful copy of any portrait.


I’m a copier! That for the world goes on, even with a hurt heart,

because I have been subjected to the mistakes of the past.



I’m a copier! And my life is in pieces, I lay lacking any feelings;

I feel that I live, without ever having felt loved.




I’m a copier! That strives to have you by my side.

I’m a copier! That every time you leave, I want to be in your arms.



I’m a copier! That I build a happy life and now

It is being transformed, because of your rejection.



I’m a copier! That had been stuck in time,

with very little space and without strength to keep fighting.



I’m a copier! That strives to be alive,

even if my heart is broken.




I am suffering! Because I am a copier, confused and tormented.

I’m crying! Because I am a copier who has forgotten,

how to be AUTHENTIC! In a world of PLASTIC!


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